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Jonas Sicking
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Software Engineer/Web Spec Geek
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This is hilarious and actually is able to explain things fairly well!

I have never seen a more perfect an explanation about Net Neutrality and what it means.  *This video should be seen by everybody!*  Not only is it informative, but it's freaking hysterical!

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I made a proposal for a new, dramatically revamped, AppCache.

In order to not repeat the mistakes of the past I'd really like to get feedback from web developers in order to make it work well with how websites are actually developed and deployed.

So not just looking to create something that lets us improve performance slightly, but something that actually dramatically changes online performance as well as make offline apps possible.

I.e. something that's actually pleasant to develop using.

So please provide feedback here, on the webapps mailing list, or by emailing me directly.
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