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Apr 29, 2012 #creative366project

Flesh-eating guardian plants?

Another delayed and theme-less daily photo entry. This time from a short canoe trip on Sunday on Mølleåen, a little stream north of Copenhagen that passes just by the Prime Minister's official residence. There are a few "No entrance" signs along the shore, but otherwise the house lies seemingly unprotected. That is, unless those slightly scary-looking plants are flesh-eating monsters...
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Otherwise known as...ferns. Beautiful shot.
Are you kidding? I never go near the things! Last time we lost four kids. They were small, though.
Thanks a lot for the info! Now I know how many of my not so good friends I need to bring when I attempt a trespass.
Actually, a week or so earlier, and the fiddle heads (as they are called) are ripe for pickling, and the roots are good to fry up with some olive oil and salt.
Sounds interesting, +Roy Walter. I like to experiment with new plants and vegetables, but I'm not sure I would have dared eating these guys. In any case, I'm certain the PM would be sad if we took them from her... :)
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