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H-alpha Sun
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You should contact Scott Lewis, so he could add you to his list of astronomers, who can stream live view through the telescope via google hangouts. ;-)
Cool, will do. I tried to get a direct feed from the Point Grey camera but it wouldn't show anything from it, it found it as a camera tho.
Hmm, maybe I should set up the gemini web server so people could steer the telescope themselves :p
I think you should be able to screenshare just that imaging window on your controlling program. I´ll have to try it with my own gear, because I used manycam for that earlier. I just quitted using manycam, because my laptop is not the fastest model available, when I used manycam and that google hangout window at the same time, my processor usage was nearly 100% all the time.
I run everything on a eeebox, I'm pretty impressed with it since it goes out with the telescope in the winter too. Would be nice with something a bit faster tho, maybe  a Lenovo M92p uSFF. 
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