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After a couple of decades of what seemed like stagnation in Artificial Intelligence, it seems that "Deep Learning" may be about to change everything.  Computers are on the verge of being able to do many human tasks (language translation, writing, driving, image & pattern recognition, etc) better than any human can.  This is no longer sci-fi.  The wave is coming and it's both exciting and terrifying.

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Bluefin Robotics is in the news, helping to find MA370!  Right after graduation, I made some software for them to monitor their battery charging process.  I'm sure by now they are onto something much more evolved--that was 14yrs ago.

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If Google Wants Us to Pay For Upgraded Storage, There's an Easy Way They Could Get Many Users to Do So
I would gladly pay Google to make a "snapshot" in time of all of my Google data (GMail, Docs, Photos, etc) and store it on a drive that's not connected to the network (until a restore is necessary).  They could be efficient with actual disk storage space by doing differential snapshot backups.  While I appreciate and use their 2-factor authentication, I don't trust that any cloud data store is 100% safe from attacks.  Having an offline snapshot on a regular basis would really put my mind at ease and be well worth the money.

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Very eloquent words from Neil deGrasse Tyson set to beautiful imagery

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If you find the new Chrome "home page" as annoying as I do, here's a handy fix...

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Fantastic opportunity for Portland and Gorge area startups to get some great advice via Startup Bootcamp.  Thanks +Jason Glaspey for organizing, and all fellow volunteer mentors & speakers.

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Many are hoping that developing slick mobile apps in easier garbage-collected languages like Javascript, Java, Python, Ruby, or C# will become a viable option. The logic is we just have to wait a bit longer and CPU and RAM will be plentiful enough.

This thorough analysis suggests we may not want to hold our breath, and non-GC languages like C/C++ and Objective-C may be the only option for truly stutter free mobile apps.

That's bad news for anyone (myself included) who was hoping that Android or mobile web apps would catch up to the speed of native iOS.

sigh...time to give in and learn Objective-C?

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Wow, when I posted this last year, I did NOT think that 1.5yrs later, Dominos would prototype (actually more of a PR stunt) pizza home delivery by drone: Introducing the Domino's DomiCopter!
Flying drones everywhere sounds like a horrible, dystopian future. That is, until you realize how much cooler pizza delivery could really be.

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The Browser Is the New OS
The official Google assault on the Desktop is about to commence.

Chrome browser (and ChromeOS) are about to allow software developers to make & sell desktop "Apps" through the Chrome Web Store.  Apps will look and feel exactly like a desktop program.  They will have access to hardware like USB/Bluetooth.  They will store data on your drive and work as seamlessly offline as they do online.  They will auto-update the App version and sync data with the cloud as soon as you go online.  They will run identically on Windows, Mac and ChromeOS.  They will be built using the most pervasive languages in the world (HTML/CSS/JS).

BUT...  You'll have to have Chrome installed.  Thus the browser becomes the new Operating System, and which OS is running underneath gradually becomes irrelevant.  This puts Google in the scary position of becoming the heir apparent to the Microsoft monopoly.   Let's hope Apple, Microsoft, and Mozilla Firefox don't sit by idly.  Chrome is, by some measures, now on about 40% of all computers (

I'm anxious to see how Chrome handles App security/permissions.  I hope they are far less permissive than Android, which lets an App do just about anything as long as the user ignores a single nag screen during install (because let's face it, almost no one heeds those).  I would much rather see a warning at the time that the App requests access to a feature ("This App wants to access your Contacts... Allow/Deny?"), akin to the iOS approach.

A major hinderance for developers is that making web apps work smoothly both online and offline is not yet an easy task.  When that nut is cracked (and when IDEs/tools/debugging web apps matches the tools for native apps), the traditional Desktop OS will truly fall.

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