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Yesterday was the 46th anniversary of the series premier of Star Trek, so I spent the day celebrating in my own way. I took the time to watch the remastered version of The Galileo Seven and painted and detailed a Starline 2500 Federation Battle Cruiser christened the U.S.S. Wil Wheaton.

One of my personal crazy dreamer goals this year, has been to get +Wil Wheaton  to attend JonCon 2012 as guest of honor. JonCon is a small, invitation only, weekend of gaming in Victoria, B.C. Canada. This year marks our fifth event.

To that end, my friends +Mike Gruber  and +Angela Gruber delivered an autographed copy of my Darwin's World Savage World setting to Wil at GenCon. Inside was a letter that included an invitation to attend JonCon 2012.

Not having received a response, and not knowing whether he actually saw the letter, I decided to create this tribute, and publicly announce that, if Wil attends JonCon 2012, this hand-painted beauty will be his to take home with him. My hope is that I can generate some "buzz" around it in order to get a few minutes of his attention on the matter. (It would truly suck if he didn't even know he had been invited). 

So to paraphrase Wil from Tabletop... "Come on Google+. Make it happen."

PS: I was going to bid on his crappy ping pong ball, but it skyrocketed way too high...
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U.S.S. Wil Wheaton
Kirov-class Battlecruiser

The U.S.S. Wil Wheaton was commissioned by Admiral Fenton Quar of Starbase 14. Admiral Quar was a old-earth historian who spent his leisure time playing strategy games. In his studies, he stumbled across an ancient recording of a series called Tabletop.

Amazed by variety of wondrous old-Earth games presented in such a quaint and humourous manner, he decided to commision a ship in honor of Tabletop's host. Thus, the U.S.S. Wil Wheaton was born.
+Glenn Morgan  JonCon takes place at my house, here in Victoria. It was started by my friends in 2008 as a mini-convention to honour my status as Alpha-Geek (I was so labeled by one gamer's wife). Since I am always the one bringing people together and organizing events.

JonCon now takes place annually in November, to fill in the boring time between Canadian Thanksgiving and Christmas. We run Friday, Saturday, Sunday and have three rooms of games going with approximately 20 attendees. Games include board games, miniatures and roleplaying.

Admission is free (but by personal invitation only). T-shirts are $20. That's about it.
Seems that the news of this post is spreading much slower than my Mobile Base did ( ). I think that's because I didn't click the button to email people.

How can I achieve the critical mass needed to get +Wil Wheaton's attention?

Perhaps I should have included +Jeri Ryan? At least she +1'd my comment once. Maybe she could spread the word.

Or maybe +Geek & Sundry or +WIRED because of our entry's success in the Tabletop Father's day contest ( ,

Or maybe +Felicia Day because of her awesome Tentacles! ( )

Or maybe it's just like my daughter stated... Dad. You're being kinda stalkerish. ;-)

Come on Plussers! Re-share and mention +Wil Wheaton.
OK, i've respamed this as much as I can.
Thanks +Limey Dragon . It's great when the internet pulls through. Much appreciated.

Of nothing else, tons of people are circling me.
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