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For those who love Barebones Fantasy and Covert Ops, DwD Studios is looking for playtest groups for Frontier Space.
Bill Logan originally shared:
Last call for #FrontierSpace playtest signups. We are closing registration when we hit 100 registered GMs and there are only 5 slots left! 
FrontierSpace: A role-playing game of science fiction action and adventure! We made a thing: The years of long hard work are over, and we at DwD Studios are finally holding in our hands the draft of FrontierSpace! It uses an iteration of our d00system, the lite version of which you may have seen or ...
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You're welcome +Bill Logan.
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Jon Woodland

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My friend and photographer +John Quick came and filmed JonCon in November 2016. He put the footage together into a short vignette/film.

For those who don't know, JonCon is a micro gaming convention in Victoria, B.C. This was our ninth year.

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Jon Woodland

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If this was an actual sweater, instead of a shirt, I'd buy it.
Anyone want to start knitting me one for next year?
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Jon Woodland

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Decided to open my present from +Logan Cadwallader​ tonight on the chance it might be chocolates. Even better...
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They had Star Wars Chocolates too, but think they were the cheap hollow not-nice tasting ones. Thought this was way cooler.

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Zippy wants to be a present.
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Jon Woodland

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Check this out if you like Android games. Created by my son, +Sebastian Woodland.

A haunting new retro runner about hunting down misanthrope lycanthropes with the classy name of Hunter's Moon has set foot on Android devices. The brainchild of indie developer Seb Woodland, Hunter's Moon is a gloomy pixel sidescroller that feels like Canabalt meets Castlevania as players traverse t...
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Jon Woodland

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This is more for gamers here in Victoria, or possibly Vancouver or up island. I'm selling my Western Miniatures, Terrain and rules. I'm not even going to try to ship something so large, so if you can't get to Victoria, then I guess you are out of luck.
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Jon Woodland

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I got +Tracey Woodland Viticulture for Christmas.
Who wants to come and play a game about making wine this weekend, while drinking wine?
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Jon Woodland

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Turns out that was the 2015 marathon. This year is Cage-a-thon 3, Still Cagey after all these years.
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Jon Woodland

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We're opening our presents tomorrow when the kids are over. I'm hoping +Tracey Woodland got me this for Christmas...
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Jon Woodland

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Rogue One discussion from a Google Hangout between a father and his four adult kids (All who are massive Star Wars fans) from the Friday after the movie premiered. So many good points.

[SPOILERS AHEAD] - plus the names have been removed to protect the innocent.


Sooo? What did you guys think?
Oldest Daughter • Fri, 02:06

It was ok. But although they had all the Star Wars props, it didn't feel like it was set in the Star Wars universe to me. Tarkin recreated was amazing. Many scenes moved way to quickly and somehow still didn't make sense to me. It felt very disjointed. Also, there were just enough characters that you couldn't get a real sense of the characters. It felt rushed.

I perceived a lot of choices that were put there just so they could make the story move along. The droid was the most interesting character.
Father • Fri, 07:00

It was the first time I walked away from the Star Wars universe without feeling like I wanted to be a part of that universe. It is portrayed as a terrifying world without clear good. The movie was missing three essential parts of star wars: mythological motifs/morals, great music, and fun. All of that said, it was a very exciting movie and had my favourite set, costume, and prop design of any star wars (nostalgia aside). The scene with Krennec and Vader was one of my favourites as well as the opening fifteen minutes. I rate it, in terms of story and overall feeling, as equal to about a third of the Return of the Jedi or about forty times Attack of the Clones. Not an overall bad movie but didn't leave me feeling great. This morning, with further thought, looking forward to seeing it again so I can get a clearer image of it.

I also wholeheartedly agree with everything dad said and didn't feel the need to repeat. Many shots looked and felt fantastic and many scenes were really really cool. Didn't come together though.

It reinforced my love of ep7 by showing omitting the things I loved most about it

Killing every main character was gratuitous. Locations looked amazing.
Oldest Son • Fri, 07:24

I felt like it was an average action movie but with extremely good action scenes and special effects. But it didn't have any of the fun or magic that makes me like Star Wars. Return of the Jedi is probably my favourite Star Wars movie, which is because it's really epic, magical, and fun. This movie was completely opposite to that, and while it had some awesome scenes I just left the movie feeling cold, which is not what I personally want from any movie, and definitely not what I want from Star Wars. It was like they took the setting of star wars but removed anything that made it special.

The characters were all kinda cool, but I didn't really connect to any of them on a deeper level. The robot and the blind guy were my favourite characters, and when they died I was like "Nooooooooo these guys were the best. Well at least all the deaths are out of the way". And then everyone died.

The beginning felt kinda disjointed, and actually in general it felt like, just not very star wars-ish, and then a random scene would happen that like, feels really like star wars for a few minutes, and then it would cut back. My favourite scenes were probably the rainy hangar imperial base sequence and just the moment when the rebel fleet showed up. I have no idea why they included the tentacle mind reading monster, and that whole guy who was like, dying, seemed pretty interesting and therefore in my opinion died for no good reason.

I was really impressed with Tarkin but he still didn't feel totally real to me so it took me out of some scenes.

The very end of the movie in my opinion was really bad. Firstly I felt like killing all the main characters was just a cop-out attempt at making the movie feel dramatic and/or different from other Star Wars movies. It just made me feel sad. Then immediately following that we get one of the best scenes in the movie, which was Darth Vader killing all the rebels. However, I didn't want to see that right after everyone dies, it just kinda rubbed it in

The thing is though I didn't even care enough about the characters to really care that they all died. The characters dying basically just made me decide that I never would bother to care about them in the future if that makes sense
The planetary shield thing was cool but felt really out of place and made me feel like it was making the mistake most prequels seem to of trying to be more epic than the original material

I also can't explain why Tarkin had their base blown up at the end. I mean I guess it was to stop the rebels from getting the plans but you'd think that there might be some valuable information there that might not be in any other place. (Also the scene where they were climbing up the computer storage thing was cool, but kind of too over the top for me since neither of those characters were supposed to have the force. I would love that in a mission impossible but it was really weird in a movie which showed itself to be trying to be more gritty than other star wars movies).

And then finally ending the movie off with Leia being like 'They brought us hope' felt really cheesy and to me, just kind of de-valued what I already thought was a terrible decision to show all the main characters die followed by Vader brutally killing everyone

In my opinion the vader thing should have happened before the end but during the final encounter, and at least some if not all of the main characters should have survived

Then I might be able to say I want to watch the movie again, but as it is it just felt like a non-fun, non-magical though admittedly well shot and good looking movie about everyone dying to accomplish something which we already knew was going to be accomplished, in a way which makes the whole universe feel like it makes a bit less sense (in my opinion). It reminded me of one of the worse Dark Horse comics star wars stories: You get a lot of really cool and like, objectively epic stuff, without any real emotional connection and over the top things which make it feel kind of disconnected with the rest of the story, but also featuring random characters from the original movies, and kind of stupidly dark things just to make it dramatic.

I feel like I'd like it more if it wasn't Star Wars because then it wouldn't be adding something, which is in my opinion, bad to the Star Wars movies, but at the same time, the fact it's Star Wars is the only thing that made me like it I think

The captain guy was cool though

Jyn Erso was pretty cool but I didn't believe her acting in a few scenes
So basically if we marathon all the star wars movies I'd leave this one out
In some ways I think it was worse than the prequels for me, cause I at least feel like I'm on a fun adventure through space when I watch the Prequels, but this movie wasn't like that. I don't think it really knew what it was supposed to be because it didn't feel like the characters should have all died to me. But maybe it was just trying to be surprising?

Also, they had Darth Vader, they should have used him more I think, instead of just using Tarkin, because Tarkin was harder for me to believe that Vader
The contrast between this movie and the force awakens is huge
And I have to say the Force Awakens is much better in my opinion and really captures what is good about Star Wars

Also, most star wars movies don't have many female characters but it was sad to me that between all the many important characters only one was female in this movie, even if she was the main one. I just felt like they could have switched things up more. However I liked how there were more ethnicities in the characters.

Anyway those are just my thoughts, what about you Oldest Daughter?
Twin Son 1 • Fri, 09:29

So how do you really feel Son? 😉
Father • Fri, 09:38

I just didn't like the movie overall basically 😛
Twin Son 1 • Fri, 09:39

I agree with much of that, but I already knew they were all going to die.
Father • Fri, 09:40

Yeah I'm curious about what Oldest Daughter thought
Also I think Seb summed up many of my thoughts too, although I loved the planetary shield and definitely did not like the prequels more
But other than those two points I wholeheartedly agree
Oldest Son • Fri, 09:44

I mean I think the prequels are worse movies but I just have more fun watching them 😛
Twin Son 1 • Fri, 09:45

Mm fair
They are much more fun
But I like them much less
This movie was not fun at all
Mostly just scary
And yeah wtf was that mind creature! ?
It never did anything except look scary as shit
Oldest Son • Fri, 09:46

Twin Son 1 • Fri, 09:46

Also yeah total fail on casting extras for the alliance
The alliance should not be sexist
Oldest Son • Fri, 09:47

Yeah there should have been some women as pilots and soldiers
They were just in the council
Twin Son 1 • Fri, 09:47

There was one female pilot
Oldest Son • Fri, 09:47

Oh I didn't realize
Twin Son 1 • Fri, 09:47

I loved gold and red squadron though!
That was cool
Like how they were the same guys
Oldest Son • Fri, 09:49

Yeah that was nice
Twin Son 1 • Fri, 09:49

Kind of dumb showing red five dying. Felt forced
Also how the hell did artoo and threepio get into the tantive if they didn't even know the fleet was going to scarif?
I preferred Forest Whitaker in "Ghost Dog"
His character had such potential. I really thought the movie was going to be about taking the rebellion too far. And then he just died and they forgot about him.
I loved the locales though. The architecture was great and the costumes. Sound design was top notch.
Oldest Son • Fri, 10:01

I think I might enjoy it more on a second watching now that I know the story. I'll have more time to see the sites and not be focused on trying to figure out what's going on.
Yeah, WTF with the tentacle thing?
Did it extract info or leave him insane?
I think neither.
And where did they get it from.
And why can't the Empire observe them walking miles across the sand to the secret base?
They must do that often.
Father • Fri, 10:05

Lol yeah....
Oldest Son • Fri, 10:12
Father • Fri, 10:14

Wonder what the technical journals guy would have to say about that
We should re-watch ep7 together
Oldest Son • Fri, 10:56

OMG, I'm so glad to read all of this. I pretty much agree with EVERYTHING that's been said here. I'm more with Seb in that I think I actually didn't like it. I left the theatre thinking "meh" and then the more I analyzed it the less I liked it until I actually got to the point of disliking it. My main reasons were:

- I was really sad right away that, despite having a female lead, they barely had any female characters in the background. SO MANY of those characters COULD have been female. Why weren't there ANY females on Rogue One, not even in the extra group that joined at the end, other than Jyn? It feeds into the stereotype that, because there was only one woman who was competent and useful, women have to be "extra special" to be characters. Where are the ordinary women? Also, Jyn was really only special because she was her father's daughter, and cause she was taught to fight by that other Forest Whitaker man. Just overall lame in the gender equality department, and after TFA, SUPER disappointing.

- I didn't care about any of the characters because there were too many. Like, I wanted to like some of them, but none of them really had a character arc. Like, the blind guy was always faithful, and still faithful at the end; no change. His friend was always his protector, and still his protector at the end; no change. Almost every character followed that pattern: one note and without any character arc. I wanted to like Cassian, but I felt like we didn't have enough backstory to know the motivation behind his actions, etc. Jyn also felt lame to me. Like, what was her motivation for COMPLETELY changing who she was? She went from a Han Solo style "I'm only out for myself; the rebels only bring me pain", to "THE ALLIANCE IS BUILT ON HOPE AND I'LL DIE FOR THIS CAUSE".... just because she saw a hologram of her dad???? Overall, everyone was underdeveloped and disappointing and so I didn't feel sad at all when they died. (I'm not done but reached word limit: one sec)
- WHY DID THEY GIVE DARTH VADER THAT STUPID LINE AT THE END OF HIS SCENE?!?! "Don't choke on your ambition?" In my cannon, Darth Vader would NEVER say a stupid pun as an exit line. Also, initially I thought it was really cool when he came in at the end with his lightsaber, but then Chris pointed out (and I completely agree) that it makes him lose status and power. At the beginning of A New Hope, the storm troopers kill all the rebels, and then Darth Vader just walks in after they're done, and that is what initially makes him scary: he's so powerful he has others do his killing for him, despite the fact that he's terrifying and can kill anyone in an instant.

- There were way too many locations. Chris and I made approximate lists of "settings" in the original trilogy and TFA and the average was about 2 planets and 1 or 2 main space locations. This movie had so many it was hard to follow and seemed a bit like "we are showing off our special effects" ... way too prequels for me.

- They had SUCH A GREAT OPPORTUNITY to explore the idea that "being a rebel doesn't mean being perfectly good, you're still killing people". I think they could have done this without detracting from the ultimate Star Wars idea of good and evil, but ultimately they dropped it. I think Cassian choosing not to shoot Galen was supposed to be part of that but it wasn't explored. Saw Gerrera was another opportunity but they didn't take it - and also he chose to die for seemingly no reason except to further the plot.
Those were my main things but I had thought of and agreed with most of what you guys said too. Over all, I didn't really like it at all, except the racialized diversity in the male characters, and it looked cool when they were back on the blockade runner. Tarkan and Leia looked cool but unnecessary. Could have just used Leia's silhouette, and I thought it was out of character for her to be like "HOPE" with a big smile on her face - she needed to be more tense and more Leia.
Okay I think I'm done 😛
Oldest Daughter • Fri, 11:20

I agree about the Leia thing 😛
Twin Son 1 • Fri, 11:20

Oldest Daughter I agree with every word you said
So much missed opportunity with the rebel versus hero dichotomy they were setting up
Total cop out killing everyone
Still I can't say overall that I disliked it, just because of the volume of star wars shit that's actual shit, I have to rate this as a high budget film version of your average missed-the-whole -point-but-felt-cool star wars spinoff
Oldest Son • Fri, 11:23

Yah... I guess I think over all its a better movie than the prequels, but only cause the special effects were better and JarJar wasn't there. As far as "how Star Wars is this", I'd have to say its on equal ground with the prequels
Oldest Daughter • Fri, 11:24

But that's basically just a difference in tolerance of star wars stuff than actual opinion
I think moreso because the set sound prop and costume design was very very good and I appreciate that kind of work
Oldest Son • Fri, 11:25

I appreciate that stuff a lot too, but like, it's just not why I watch Star Wars. Well, it's part of why, but if that's the only thing going for it then it's not why 😛
Twin Son 1 • Fri, 11:26

I'm not a rogue one fan
Don't buy me rogue one merch
Oldest Son • Fri, 11:26

Yah me neither :P
Oldest Daughter • Fri, 11:27

But I enjoyed the attempt simply because I appreciate the eye for little details. It was like a lot of faithful recreations of little things with absolutely no concept of the big picture
Oldest Son • Fri, 11:28

Oldest Daughter • Fri, 11:28

I thought pushing the disabled star destroyer into the other one was a cool idea
Twin Son 1 • Fri, 11:29

Oldest Son • Fri, 11:29

A Facebook friend of mine posted "Rogue One is better than TFA, everything a Star Wars movie should be" and I kinda want to unfriend him.
Oldest Daughter • Fri, 11:29

He just doesn't see the big picture
Oldest Son • Fri, 11:29

I watched a lot of reviews and a surprising number of people seem to have that feeling
Twin Son 1 • Fri, 11:30

Oldest Daughter • Fri, 11:30

Which makes me kinda upset 😛
Twin Son 1 • Fri, 11:30

Me too!!!!
Oldest Daughter • Fri, 11:30

It's like they don't get why star wars is good
I don't know it's fine if people like the movie
But I don't think it's what Star Wars should be
Twin Son 1 • Fri, 11:30

There are a lot of threepios, jawas, pilots and smugglers out there, but only a few Jedi
I mean, when things are good, Luke and Threepio get it equally. When they're bad though, some people live in a bubble. "Surrender is a completely acceptable option in extreme circumstances"
Oldest Son • Fri, 11:39

I don't know what you're trying to say 😛
Twin Son 1 • Fri, 11:39

ahem perfectly
What I'm saying is
We all love star wars
Just like how Threepio and Luke are both rebels
We're on the same side
But some of us have the clarity to see the big picture
While others take the path of least resistance
Oldest Son • Fri, 11:42

I would love to post this whole thread publicly, because I feel like Rogue One is getting a lot of credit where credit isn't due.
We all basically agree to the same things and can pick apart every aspect of the film.
Father • Fri, 11:49

Yeah. Well if you decide to post it anonymously I'm down. But I don't want to start a flame war over a movie
Well unless everyone was public then I suppose I wouldn't mind
Oldest Son • Fri, 11:53

I agree, you can post all this stuff just make it anonymous 😛
Twin Son 1 • Fri, 11:58
So curious about the directors cut
Oldest Son • Fri, 12:02

Not sure I would, but I think we are very smart and make good points.
Father • Fri, 12:02
Some people are thinking what we're thinking
Oldest Son • Fri, 12:06

Honestly I would love it if you posted this. It needs to be heard!!!
Oldest Daughter • Fri, 12:13 Another good one
Oldest Son • Fri, 12:18

Yah that was good
Oldest Daughter • Fri, 13:10

I'm just glad that episode 7 was so good
Twin Son 1 • Fri, 14:28

Glad to see that others saw how bad the film was.
Father • Fri, 14:56

I want to watch it again. After a few hours I'm feeling less negative
Oldest Son • Fri, 15:44

I still don't feel like watching it again myself 😛
But I probably will some day if someone gets it on dvd or something
Twin Son 1 • Fri, 15:48

There's no way I'm reading all of that.
I have never had more complaints about a movie I genuinely enjoyed
Twin Son 2 • Fri, 16:13

Try to keep up Twin Son 2.
Father • Fri, 16:13

I'm sorry Twin Son 2! Don't feel bad if you liked it 😀
There were definitely parts of it I liked
Twin Son 1 • Fri, 16:24

I'm sorry too Twin Son 2! <3 <3 <3
Oldest Daughter • Fri, 16:30

I thought Twin Son 2 meant he had complaints.
What do you mean Twin Son 2?
Father • Fri, 16:31

I think I feel the same as Twin Son 2 if he's saying what I think he's saying
Oldest Son • Fri, 16:43

Uhh what i meant is there's way too much text messages for me to read?
Cause it'll take like an hour
And that I liked the movie for what it was but have a lot of complaints
Twin Son 2 • Fri, 16:54

Okay cool 😛
Twin Son 1 • Fri, 16:54

For instance: C3po at Yavin? Did he even know he was part of the rebellion at that point?
Or like what was that
It just seems confusing
Why is the imperial defect the only non-white imperial character?
Twin Son 2 • Fri, 16:55

Maybe the empire is racist towards people who aren't white and that's part of why he defected? But yeah good point
Twin Son 1 • Fri, 16:57

Why is there only one fully automatic blaster in the entirety of the movie? That thing is so awesome why do no imperial have those
Twin Son 2 • Fri, 16:58

I thought it was because he was a truck driver
Space truck driver
So the empire didn't really care what color his skin was
Oldest Son • Fri, 16:59

That's fair
Twin Son 2 • Fri, 16:59

Also as for that MG, I think it's justifiable. Hard to make. Expensive. Doesn't fit with the empire's budget
Oldest Son • Fri, 17:00

I feel more like it's because they wanted a diverse cast for main characters but only wanted white men as extras
Twin Son 2 • Fri, 17:00

Oldest Son • Fri, 17:00

Ehhhh those Death Troopers though
Twin Son 2 • Fri, 17:00

They missed the point
Oldest Son • Fri, 17:00

Should've had something like that
Twin Son 2 • Fri, 17:00

Death troopers were just another brand of soldier just like Krennic was another brand of officer
I mean, he didn't have a seventy five pound mg either
But he didn't need one
And up until the end, which the empire didn't expect, the death troopers didn't need them either
Oldest Son • Fri, 17:02

Ehhh I dunno
Twin Son 2 • Fri, 17:06

I don't disagree with the general sentiment I'm just giving my two cents on these particular things
My question is, why was vader like slaughtering all these troops and basically inches from the tantive and actually watching them hand the plans on a floppy disk when in episode 4 he's like "the plans were beamed aboard"-- like why the fuck is anyone trying to lie to Vader at this point and claim to be a "consular ship"!? He was right there. They knew that.
Oldest Son • Fri, 17:09

Twin Son 2 • Fri, 17:10

Also another note about Death Troopers and the mg: I think those guys were mainly ceremonial. I don't think giving them heavy battlefield equipment was necessary for their overall mission which could be described as "scare the crap out of Krennic's enemies"
Did you guys read the article I sent about the inconsistencies with the trailer though? I thought that was REALLY interesting and probably explained the weird cuts
Oldest Son • Fri, 17:12

Yeah I didn't hear "what will you become" at all in the movie
Or that annoying alarm
The thing about death troopers is as SOON as they were deployed rebels started dropping left right and center. They were clearly almost as elite as the main characters
And there was only like ten of them
Twin Son 2 • Fri, 17:25

OK true but
Still doesn't change my point
Oldest Son • Fri, 17:26

Basically every main character was killed by one
I dunno if they can build death stars when they're not even sure it'll work I feel like heavy mgs are in their budget
Twin Son 2 • Fri, 17:26

That's not it it's that the empire focuses their budget on scaring people more than actually killing them
Oldest Son • Fri, 17:27

Yeah I dunno
I just thought that gun was ridiculously good
Also K2SO
There were plenty of that model there but he was so exceptional at combat
It just is weird to me that no imperials had fully automatic weapons. Also blaster to the torso = instant death but blaster to the shoulder = completely fine within 10 seconds
Twin Son 2 • Fri, 17:34

Yeah, K2SO was awesome though
Twin Son 1 • Fri, 17:37

Well that's true irl for some weapons
Some shots kill you some don't
It's not like a videogame where damage is abstract
Oldest Son • Fri, 17:38

I know I know
But like
I just want blasters to be more powerful in general
Also like
Well I mean like blasters leave holes In walls and make things explode
Those walkers were not too strong for blasters
I'm saying many different things
Why was that vertical door repeatedly opening and closing
Why was Bohdi (not sure how to spell it) like
Okay he got mind read and it made him insane but then the results were never mentioned and he was only crazy for one scene after that
Then he was fine
Twin Son 2 • Fri, 17:48

Yeah that was stupid
And probably related to the complete rewrite?
Oldest Son • Fri, 17:49

Like it should have just not happened
Twin Son 2 • Fri, 17:49

No sense
Oldest Son • Fri, 17:49

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I loved the unsentimentality and lack of escapism. I loved that they took this beautiful universe and made it harder to easily want to be in it. Revolution isn't easy.
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Jon Woodland

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Turns out that the family agrees. Rogue One is a thoroughly average movie set in the Star Wars universe.
At least it's better than the prequels. Well, the other prequels.
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