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You may have noticed that Google Search on desktop looks a little different today.

Towards the end of last year we launched some pretty big design improvements for Search on mobile and tablet devices (mobile first! :-). Today we've carried over several of those changes to the desktop experience.

We've increased the size of result titles, removed the underlines, and evened out all the line heights. This improves readability and creates an overall cleaner look. We've also brought over our new ad labels from mobile, making the multi-device experience more consistent.

Improving consistency in design across platforms makes it easier for people to use Google Search across devices and it makes it easier for us to develop and ship improvements across the board.
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it looks awesome! we, the users clearly understand what a link is on the results ;)
While the page is indeed cleaner with the changes, I find the font size of the title makes scanning the results more difficult now. It's also, in my opinion, too large compared to the link and description of the results.
Ha! I looked at the screen and it took a while to notice what changed. Thank goodness for Google image search. Looks clean!
The typography is horrible in Firefox. However, I'm now well used to Google redesigns making things worse.

By the way, if you do a "search with this image", you still get the old style with underlines....
Dave H
Oh that's why it looks so dopey. Never had a problem on tablet.
OpenSUSE Firefox, here he's right about the topography.. it's like focusing on a blurry eye-chart.
This is historic.  Search results are not underlined??!
All search results looks like an essay now. There must be something done about the underline. I just want to point my eyes on the title. This is making it harder.
Looks great! Love the new typographic scale of everything.
h3 link is too large, sorry. Changed this with Stylebot to my liking.
Dave H
The enlarged text seems malproportioned, or just flubby. Too thick.
I was hoping for a card interface too.
Have to agree with those who find the new font sizes jarring. When it first turned up for me I spent a while trying to figure out if some sort of malware had crept into my Chrome installation as it looked wrong and rather Un-Google (didn't help that it broke the layout of the Google Personal Blocklist extension). There's something about the bigger font that makes it feel... hard to say. Unfinished, hijacked, the opposite of consistent with other Google tools and services. 
On desktop, I am finding the 16px titles with no underlines to be big ugly blobs of blue on an otherwise nice page. They are out of proportion.

If you are going to drop the underlines, please could you consider a smaller size for the titles?
It looks crap.  Pure and simple.  What was wrong with the old format.  More results per page.  I wish Google would stop pissing about with the screen layout.  First they screwed up by losing the lh column where search tools were, then they screwed up images for thousands of folk.  Now this abomination.
like other SEO practitioners, I too dislike the new 18 point font size - as I now have to go to every client <title> tag and check for display.....OTHER than that, I like the changes!
Good ideas, but.. I simply don't like it. And why are we not using the full width of the screen? 
I do not think this change improves readability; quite the opposite, for me. As someone else said, it's like looking at a blurry eye chart. The bigger font size and failure to use the full width of the screen also means fewer results per screen, which is unfortunate. I see that Google Scholar has retained the old result display. I hope there will not be any changes to Google Scholar, as fewer results per screen would mean slower research.
+Wood Whittler Google doesn't believe in providing information. They believe in providing "design" with text occasionally there. As I type this comment, 60% of my browser window is blank grey space. With these new changes, on a test search, Knowledge Graph shoves the search results to a tiny column, and again, about 50% of my browser window is blank white space.
Hate the new design. I keep thinking that I have the zoom level increased on my desktop. Desktop search doesn't need to emulate what is on a tablet or a phone. When I'm on a desktop, I want the most usage of my large screen real estate.
+Susmita Duncan Google designers don't believe your screen should be above about 1024x768 it seems.
Dan Sharp
Hey Jon,

A bit puzzled by this change -

The white space & lack of underlining make it harder to read at a glance for desktop.

The individual results are less distinct & it's more of a white blur.

Obviously you've performed extensive user testing which presumably indicated this was an improved UX. But is it possible your user testing needs, testing?! ;-)
definitely looks a lot cleaner, though I am still a bit unsure about how the Tittles would get truncated?

I know, its pixel based but I have read stories of Titles being cut to 55 characters from 70, Which to be honest is a bit worrying. 

Cleaner results nonetheless!
+Dan Sharp Is exactly right. The page is harder for the brain to parse now. Whitespace is so important to a properly designed UI and this just puts it in all wrong places. If you look at the old design, it was clear at a glance you had 'pockets of information'. Now the extra whitepsace in between the 'detail' lines creates a more uniform appearance and takes more brain power to determine what is what. 
Looks horrid! Why do I need a larger screen if you keep making the used font larger and larger?
All we need to do now is make ads stick out like sore thumbs!
this design leads to miss click ads, the font color from the orange box is not clear enough and most users don't even pay attention to it because the markup stuff google had lately, so there is a lot of miss clicks going on, lowering organic high quality sites ctr
Liking the removal of underlines, but I definitely agree with the comments about the titles being too large, and whitespace changes making it a lot harder to parse overall :(
How about a happy medium? Give me back my font size in the search options
How do we fix the horrible font choice?  I like my search results to be in something that isn't verging on Comic Sans, thank you.
Why would Google want to bring more attention to the ads than they already do? They make money on ad clicks.
I am disappointed by the increase of this title size and the greyish text.  Granted, I can change these things with local stylesheets, but it'd be nice if I could get classic styles back.

More bothersome is the truncation of the title text.  I often have to look for some really obscure information online and end up having to scan for it in long search results.  Unfortunately, this makes that a lot harder and I'll have to move to other engines to do this.
I miss the underlined links. Hyperlinks are underlined to make it obvious that they are clickable. But more than that, I miss the web page "preview" feature, where you could hover over a search result and see a preview of the web page!! That feature was incredibly useful; how could you take it away?
No underlines is good for vietnamese, because underlines cover dot below.
I'm going to ask the only real question, which I assume means it won't get answered:

Based on these tests this converts users to ad clicks how much more often?
All of the changes Google has done in the last few years have been opposite of the original look and feel of google, clean open lines, search with no ads no clutter.  The Gmail changes are even more atrocious. 
+Matt Wyckoff Things do seem to be getting a bit out of hand these days. It's a shame... and it seems kind of sneaky, sadly...
+Todd Bryant Agreed. I've gone back to using, which is the old AskJeeves engine! It's actually super useful (who knew!). In the mean time, do you know of a way to revert Google search back to the way it used to be?
It's awful, and I say that as part of the test population. Increasing the font size of the headline makes it harder to read into the excerpted text underneath and makes scanning through multiple pages of results (for research) a painful experience.
Hi, I just wanted to say that Ihave hooed that this change was temporary, my first impression was that my graphic card needed  update or that it died..The letter design is so bad, it looks like you did not pay any attention to it at all, and you have changed the algoritms so many unimportant or low quality content pops out, so i hope that you will change your mind..untill than i have switched to yahoo and Opera browser..:)
Sadly, we cannot expect Google's designers to pull their heads out of their rears any time soon. "Google can do no wrong" is roughly their mentality these days.
Hmm...the cynical side of me thinks that the 'improvements' are just keeping on the path of 'all roads go to the paid results' by nudging the natural results down (on most screens)
Please learn from Windows 8's mistakes. The desktop experience is not the same as a mobile experience. What looks good on a phone or tablet might not look good on a large monitor, AND THAT'S OKAY. Please don't force this change on us, I'm already receiving queries from friends and family because "their Google is hard to read". The ad graphics are fine, but please let links look like links...
First, thanks to everyone for your feedback. It's great to work on a product that so many people are passionate about. :-)

We take our responsibility to craft the very best experience quite seriously. To that end, we extensively evaluate any change to ensure that we're making things better for as many people as possible. Not everyone will like every change we make, but we're confident this is the right direction for Google Search.