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Jon Wiley
Director of Immersive Design at Google. VR AR UX
Director of Immersive Design at Google. VR AR UX


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Met the creator of this neat project to craft an application that helps youth deal with anxiety and stress. He's looking for contributions to help him refine the app and gather feedback.

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Step inside your photos with Cardboard Camera for Android. Get it on Google Play at

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"Hey honey, be right back, just heading over to the hardware store to pick up a virtual reality headset! What's that? Oh, sure, yeah, I'll get two."
+Lowe's Home Improvement and +Marxent create the first VR viewer vending machine with +Google Cardboard. Learn more about the Holoroom in Ohio and Colorado at

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Announcing 15 new #GoogleExpeditions Pioneer Program cities across the US, Canada, Denmark, and Singapore. Sign up your school for VR field trips at

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#ADULTSREACT to +ViewMaster. "I feel like they're going to have a set of these in every classroom. It's revolutionary, it really is."

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She wanted to see the future.
"Olive Horrell does not look impressed."  Well, that changed :-)  

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I'm a graduate of Leander High School. I actually didn't know that Expeditions (something I work on) was making a stop there until I saw this. Super cool!
Leander ISD teachers take their students on virtual field trips overseas, underwater, and even to the moon with the Expeditions Pioneer Program:

Sign up to bring #Expeditions to your school at

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It's cool to see the View-Master revised for the 21st century. I had one as a kid and loved clicking through all the neat pictures... IN THREE DEE! :)

Now it's even more immersive!
"Any kid anywhere will be able to travel the world, and the universe, to learn and experience what a textbook could never do justice." +VRScout unboxes the #ViewMaster, available in stores now. Check out their review at

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Call for Proposals: Faculty Research Awards in VR
Google’s Faculty Research Awards are one-year awards structured as unrestricted gifts to universities to support the work of world-class full-time faculty members at top universities around the world. For the upcoming funding round, we've established a new topic area for Physical Interfaces and Immersive Experiences.

Google’s Virtual Reality team is dedicated to bringing immersive technology to everyone with projects like Cardboard, Jump, and Expeditions. We also strive to help advance the state of the art in all aspects of Virtual Reality.

We are encouraging the academic community to submit research proposals related to the following key Virtual Reality research areas:

 - Computer Graphics and Rendering
 - Optics and Displays
 - User Input Technology
 - HCI and Interaction Design
 - Orientation and Position Tracking
 - Immersive Video Capture, Compression and Display
 - Immersive Audio
 - Human Factors and Ergonomics

The deadline for this funding round is Oct 15 2015. Please apply at in the category Physical Interfaces and Immersive Experiences.

We're looking forward to your proposals!
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