The current State of Bliss - 03.12.17

This has been a busy Month for Bliss so far. Our CAF branch reached the 1000+ commits ahead point to our AOSP branch, we have brought on a couple more developers full time, and have some of our old members return. We've made some new allies, and we've even had a chance to help out a few other ROMs too. This weekend we've been holding a team event to try and get our AOSP branch caught up with all our features and additions our caf branch has with Bliss n7.2. We've gotten a few heavy parcel completed and merged already. Heck, I've even gotten on the playing field and figured out a few things :)

On the Bliss-x86 side of things, ROOTLESS SUBSTRATUM was released, so naturally, since this was THE way I was thinking our Bliss-x86_EDU users could customize their PC's looks, I have been involved with Projekt from the beginning on making sure things worked right on x86 & x86_64 devices. And now that it's finally released, I bit the GO button on adding it to Bliss-x86 first, then squashed the commits to make things easier for adding to our AOSP & CAF branches. It was a success, so I started our weekend bash off the same way, adding features from our CAF branch to x86. We have been updating that along with our AOSP branch this weekend, and it will likely continue throughout the week. We have XOSP's BlurUI started, some of the Blissify apps customizations and styling done. and a few other features in the works.

In other news, we have recently accepted someone on to Team Bliss & Bliss ROM's as a member of our family. He's not a developer nor is he a designer. But he is a great person to have in your corner ;) +Punya Vashist​ has quite a few talents the Android community could benefit from, and this marks a new chapter for not just his journalism, but for Bliss as well. He has been added to every possible corner of our wonderfully disorganized organization and will have the inside scoop for all of our users and the Android community as a whole. I think he's a pretty nice guy personally and you can get to know him too by following his articles. You can read more from his post here:
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