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Jon Wade

Facebook seems quiet today, but nobody here either. Where is everybody?

any recommendations for Android #camera #apps, that might be better than the one that comes with my Moto phone? #photography etc.

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#nonewsisgoodnews from Google News ....
But, surely, something is happening?

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+John Mueller and +Gary Illyes, can you do something about the Pinterest spam please? Maybe +Pinterest can help?

This happens to me almost every day:

I do a Google image search, see a nice image, it takes me to Pinterest, where I see the image again, click on the image, takes me to a page that does not have that image. EVERY BLEEDING TIME!*

I cannot remember the last time I saw a Pinterest hosted image in Google image search that actually took me to the page that has the image. Sometimes it is definitely spam, often just tardiness, I think (images removed from a page, but it lives forever on Pinterest, and therefore Google image search).

The main area I see this is in interior design, garden design, building etc.. People seem to be using pretty images to promote their own services. The problem is only going to get worse, as more images are added to Pinterest, and subsequently removed from their original locations. It's very frustrating and somebody should do something about it!

Happy Easter!

*well, quite often

I just needed a picture of a zebra wearing a fez, and googled it, and found one. I think it is safe to declare that there is now nothing that is not already on the Internet.

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Just saw this on. Google News. When will Google fix their broken news index?

This line is particularly well spun: "However GV Prakash’s Bruce Lee would make the late legend hand over his grave."

+John Mueller​, sort it out!

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Google News today. Report of a plane crash in Australia. Google chooses a photo of an Arab gentlemen to accompany the main headline.

Totally unrelated to the story. #getitright Google!

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So excited, just received an email, saying, "I believe you were chosen by God to receive my cash grant of $2M".


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