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Jon Tromans
SEO & Social Media Trainer that provides 1-2-1 & group training in the UK and online to the world!
SEO & Social Media Trainer that provides 1-2-1 & group training in the UK and online to the world!

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I revisit this topic at least once a year & have done for many years ;)

Is there a solution yet for offline speell checking in Docs ?

Just a thought..... is there any password software that works offline and lets you sync with Google Drive ?

Not hopeful... nearest I've found is Zoho Vault where you can download a secure HTML file as a backup.

Just wondering.....

Not sure for how long but...... Word Count (CTRL+SHIFT+C) is now working in offline mode in Docs.

Would usually need a connection to count words...... BIG step forward in being a proper offline word processor.

Just found out that CTRL + SHIFT + U followed by a unicode number then enter gives a symbol :)

Works in text fields....

CTRL+SHIFT+U 2764 = ❤
CTRL+SHIFT+U 2023 = ‣

Unicode characters can be found here


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Something new to try..... not had a play yet myself but looks more of a Google Keep alternative than Evernote or OneNote.

Is there a way to see my Android phone screen on my Chromebook which is mirrored to a projector?

Google cast is not an option.....

Chromebook is connected to the projector via HDMI.

Why are there virtually no 4GB Chromebooks in the UK?? Is there a shortage or do they not sell well.

Getting desperate and really, really don't want to get a Windows laptop but may have to.

Any ideas? Must have 4GB and 13/14" screen... FHD would be nice, budget £350.

Toshiba 2 CB30-104 is not in the UK, can't find the new HP13 anywhere but probably above budget.

Need something that can handle nice big Google slide presentations, 100 slides so RAM is important. Needs to be light as I travel loads and have an old back!

Any thoughts.... Win10 laptop suggestions also but I really don't want one lol but need to work :)

I think my HP 14 has died :(

After 2 years of solid service I'm getting the White Screen Of Death and its saying the OS doesn't exist.....

Symptoms are over last two weeks its been shutting down automatically and I've had to Power Wash to recover.... lasted a few days then shuts down again.

Now I can't Power Wash and currently on my 3rd USB recovery which ends in a "An unexpected error has occurred".

I'm thinking its the SSD thing, taken the back off but can't see if its soldered or replaceable. Anyone know? Its the q010.

Anyone think of anything else to try before I replace it?

Not happy lol....comfiest keyboard I've ever used and battery lasts forever.

What would be a good replacement?

Musts are 4GB RAM & long battery & either 13/14" screen. HP14 had an Octane score of around 12700ish.... anything around that level?

Must be available in the UK as well.... doesn't seem to be much choice right now in 4GB models.

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If you use Todoist you may like this.... Can see a few good uses for it in my work flow.. 
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