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My Google+ app apparently likes to wait until 11:40p to let me know about any Huddles that have happened, regardless of when they actually took place. That ... could use some improvement, I think. Then again, maybe it's just a quirk of my first-gen MyTouch 3G phone, whose tiny brain might not be a bad enough dude to truly handle Android 2.2.1.
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Manage your Notifications. It's not active Push.
Huddle notifications don't seem to have a setting for "let me know when shit is going on in real time." There's one for "show on status bar when new messages are received," and then the other two settings are for vibration and ringtone.
Jon, I have the same phone and I agree completely. I often wish I was still on 1.6 just because of how slow it got after the update. I haven't used the G+ app, so I can't really address that.
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