Planning to make a plan

2016 was a pretty damn awful year. Lots of personal emotional potholes. Major financial problems. Don $%^&ing Trump. Bad weather, which I have no tolerance for. Spiraling.... something.... Not depression, because my ego is too big to ever be depressed. But some Jon equivalent. So I get through all that. Move on. 2017 will be a new year. And then my dad dies.

My plan had been to just crawl into my bubble, play lots of Warcraft, spend very little money, and not worry about anything for a couple years. Because in my bubble everything is wonderful. But now I need to actually get shit done. I have too many important responsibilities that have nothing to do with my bubble world.

And now that I'm forced to deal with those, I'm forced to deal with lots of other stuff I was hoping to just put off. I'm old and in shitty shape. Retirement is (hopefully) creeping up. San Diego is wonderful, but am I going to stay here? If so, retirement isn't a thing. Place is expensive.... I need a long term plan for life. But I'm too busy. So right now the plan is to make a plan. Soon.
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