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The Archive Problem

For at least the time being it's pretty obvious that Google+ is going to be my "blog" solution. I know this isn't a real blog sort of platform, but it works as such for the most part. And since it's more social and more broadly supported than a hand coded blog, it's just too easy to go with as a low hanging fruit solution.

One major problem however is the archive issue. Posts here pretty much go into a black hole. Sure, you can go directly to my profile and just scroll down endlessly, but that's clumsy at best, and seems broken in terms of a full archive. Posts seem to be missing, you can't jump to a date, searching seems oddly missing.....

After thinking about this for months I've decided that mirroring posts on my domain is going to be the best solution. It doesn't get used for new content, so why not? And with the new dashboard I have there I'm grabbing all my Google+ posts anyway.

So...... Add that to my frivolous programming to-do list. I'm sure you're all very excited. 
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A lot of folks post to their blog, then share the blog posts here. (Blogger may have this capability built-in now.)
That was one of the options I was toying with. In the end I decided that in the age of social web, posting on a less social site and sharing to a more social site just seemed like a backward priority. If the majority of page views were on my personal domain I'd likely do it differently. But having the initial post here is a comfortable solution for me. 

One of the drivers for maintaining a blog is having a place to post about everything going on in my life. But these days it's all distributed. Checkins one place, beers drunk another, long form posts another, reviews somewhere else. If I'm using all of these separate social tools, and I do prefer that, a blog as such makes less sense. 
I AM excited.  I think that's a wonderful idea.  It will keep your hand in at programming, and it will be a good way of archiving your work.  A place where family and friends can go to remember, as well as a good place to retrieve or access photos, etc.  It also will be a good place to unwind and/or "escape" from ordinary work.  Besides, when you figure it all out you might be able to sell it to somebody.  I don't know what Blogger is, but I say "build it and they will come".
It's not the best solution, but that's why I use hashtags on my posts. Format: SFP (for ShinaeFoodPost) + Category Descriptor. For instance #SFPKorean or #SFPBreakfast.

It does help the indexing a little. :)
+Shinae Choi Robinson - Funny you should mention that, as I've spent the last hour thinking about using hashtags in my G+ posts to feed category tags when I mirror G+ posts on my personal domain.

Lack of tags or categories is a problem here, but looping them in on my site would be easy.
If you go with hashtags or descriptor categories I could live with that, as long as you come up here and spend at least a few days with me teaching how to maneuver in such an atmosphere.  Can't you just see us floating around in that space as if we're in some fantasy/horror movie?!
Thanks, I needed that.  Hopefully I'll remember how to be that person again.
Creepy lurker coming out of the woodwork to comment. I've come to the same conclusion, that G+ is probably the best place to post everything. But it is made difficult by the lack of G+ integration with other social media sites, i.e., Pinterest, Instagram, or Tumblr. I can see how being a programmer could come in handy.

And to quantify my status as a creepy lurker, I used to blog about WoW and thoroughly enjoyed Hooha's blog. G+ came along and I can't even remember how I came across you here on G+. Glad to see Hooha here as well.
I just thought of something! The "post via email" feature for sites that provide the service could work. I'll have to try that out.
Howdy +Alda B. Woods  - There are some tools out there for getting things cross posted. I'm not sure that's the way I'd like to go. I think having Pinterest do Pinterst stuff and G+ do G+ stuff is fine. The dashboard is just so people who actually want to see everything I post everywhere (basically just my mom and my wife) can find it.
Certainly, some thought is required when it comes to managing the many different social media silos. Interesting how the silo model is reflected in the social media space, but why wouldn't it be? The social media sites are, after all, different companies vying for the biggest "look what I can do" badge. I suppose whichever one can buy up more of the others will be the winner.

Thank you for this post. +JOYCE SULLIVAN is right, you could probably sell your solution.
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