The Archive Problem

For at least the time being it's pretty obvious that Google+ is going to be my "blog" solution. I know this isn't a real blog sort of platform, but it works as such for the most part. And since it's more social and more broadly supported than a hand coded blog, it's just too easy to go with as a low hanging fruit solution.

One major problem however is the archive issue. Posts here pretty much go into a black hole. Sure, you can go directly to my profile and just scroll down endlessly, but that's clumsy at best, and seems broken in terms of a full archive. Posts seem to be missing, you can't jump to a date, searching seems oddly missing.....

After thinking about this for months I've decided that mirroring posts on my domain is going to be the best solution. It doesn't get used for new content, so why not? And with the new dashboard I have there I'm grabbing all my Google+ posts anyway.

So...... Add that to my frivolous programming to-do list. I'm sure you're all very excited. 
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