Love is love. 
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So... #TLDR

Well what a night. Almost not sure how to summarise it for those who expressed interest. It was two people expressing their feelings and making very personal vows in front of a gathering of their closest friends. The venue itself was Browns, once the Westminster County Court building and now elegantly converted into a bar and restaurant. We had a private room above the restaurant, fortunately some of the more risqué outfits where hidden beneath heavy winter coats because it was freezing in London town last night.
The heavy Oak panelled rooms of the old courts set the scene beautifully, other than the occasional collar the attire worn by all was extremely smart and not overly flamboyant like when we go to TG events. Lots of black leather and lace but also sharp suits and showey dresses, just with a few little touches to suggest this was something, a little different.
The M wore a sharp cut suit. Went full British with bowler and all the usual trimmings of Saville row. The sub was in red pvc trousers and simple white top. They could easily have passed you in the street and you'd not have thought them anything unusual. I liked the touch of the sub being led down the short aisle blindfolded. Which was then removed by the waiting and beating M. The collar placement moment was beautiful. Over the course of the buffet evening their was a few spankings. I got to deal one out to the 'M' which was great theatrical amusement to the guests.
So many touches I shall keep remembering. The relatively plain white cake but with red rope surrounding it rather than a plain cake band matched the same red rope that made part of the table decorations around the food. It was all very subtle. Very tasteful.

Here's most of my main speech. I've tried to remove any indication of the couples gender. That's irrelevant. And if you have any specific questions, do ask.
But while there was obviously much pvc and performance it was probably the most 'normal' night I've had with that crowd in a long time.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Masters, Mistresses, Submissives, Dommes, Owners, Pets, Kinksters, Slaves, Switches, Brats, Sadists, Masochists, Sadomasochists, Tops, Bottoms, Daddys, Mummys, Littles, Hedonists Fetishists, Primals, those who are Unsure and of course the few token vanilla people who have been brave enough to attend this evening. It doesn't matter what label you've given yourself or the the one that society has forced upon you, love doesn't care. Love Is Love.
And Regardless of whether a union of that love is wrapped up in black leather or white lace, celebrated with bells or rock music, or whether it is sealed with rings or collars, the most important part of a relationship is love. For without love the games we play are just that, games. Games that conclude. Love will ensure a relationship continues and that the games will evolve and age as we do.
There has to be a certain amount of compatibility between lovers. Just enough that they see a little of themselves reflected back, shared opinions and beliefs, but also there needs to be differences so it is not merely a mirror that they see every time they see each other. Balance of course is vitally important, as we know from ourselves and of course 'name' & 'name' they ultimately want the same thing but they both have different needs. Nowhere is this more evident than between a M and their S. Different needs that blend together perfectly.
When I first met & I saw the spark between them instantly. And maybe they did too. They were just not brave enough to act on it. But this is due to life's often challenging experiences, we almost seem to reach a certain age and now feel preprogrammed to never risk happiness because of hurt in our past. Even when a good thing, or person, comes along, we skip the few awkward dates and a don't risk anything blossoming, we just go straight to the eating icecream alone wondering what might have been but reassuring ourselves that we don't deserve happiness anyway.
These two deserve every happiness. Their love is as plain to see as 's tattoo on their left cheek. And I know we've all seen that.
I'm not alone in this room when I say that I see the intensity that ignites in both their eyes. Some of us are lucky enough to know that feeling. To love so hard it hurts. Of course we all love a little pain from time to time, even those of us with the crops. So the hurting is good.
I would just like to add that as this is your big night and you're going to be looking to do something different I honestly have no suggestions because we all know what you've already done. Mostly. I don't know. Missionary possibly?
& * you have let us into your relationship more than many people ever will and sharing this moment with us has been our pleasure, and our honour. We all wish you the very best and assure you that you have the love and support of every single person in this room.
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