Facebook makes me mad. Simple as that. Trying to post makes me mad. The mobile app makes me mad. The users make me mad. The policies make me mad. The maze-like UI makes me mad. The tortured "timeline" metaphor makes me mad. The wall of ads makes me mad. The CEO makes me mad. The mangling of my posts makes me mad. The general intelligence level of posts there makes me mad. The hijacking of my return key makes me mad. The filtering of posts I can see makes me mad. Having coworkers and family in the same bucket makes me mad. The sponsored post spam makes me mad.

But more than anything, the fact that people insist on using it makes me mad. Facebook's business model and mission is to screw it's users and trick them into making private data public. The CEO has publicly stated over and over that people need to "get over" the need to have privacy. How can people not be mad at that? Facebook literally believes that privacy is fundamentally bad. 

And yet people just keep jumping through hoops trying to twiddle with their settings to cling to the illusion their stuff is private. Google+ is better in every way, but most of all because they don't change policies and settings over and over just to trick users.

I'm done with Facebook. I tried. I know you people like it, but you need to check your priorities. It's a really poor social app with transparently evil intentions. Screw that. I'm taking my tacos and going.
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