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Facebook makes me mad. Simple as that. Trying to post makes me mad. The mobile app makes me mad. The users make me mad. The policies make me mad. The maze-like UI makes me mad. The tortured "timeline" metaphor makes me mad. The wall of ads makes me mad. The CEO makes me mad. The mangling of my posts makes me mad. The general intelligence level of posts there makes me mad. The hijacking of my return key makes me mad. The filtering of posts I can see makes me mad. Having coworkers and family in the same bucket makes me mad. The sponsored post spam makes me mad.

But more than anything, the fact that people insist on using it makes me mad. Facebook's business model and mission is to screw it's users and trick them into making private data public. The CEO has publicly stated over and over that people need to "get over" the need to have privacy. How can people not be mad at that? Facebook literally believes that privacy is fundamentally bad. 

And yet people just keep jumping through hoops trying to twiddle with their settings to cling to the illusion their stuff is private. Google+ is better in every way, but most of all because they don't change policies and settings over and over just to trick users.

I'm done with Facebook. I tried. I know you people like it, but you need to check your priorities. It's a really poor social app with transparently evil intentions. Screw that. I'm taking my tacos and going.
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I don't use FB any more.  I've deleted everything in my timeline and the only reason I still have an account is to contact people who I don't keep close enough tabs on who haven't joined G+.

BTW I'm about to drive down to San Diego and I'm steal your tacos like FB steals your private info.  Just wanted to give you fair warning; they look delicious!
+Brad Warbiany  - Tacos El Paisa on Imperial. Then go three blocks West and get some seafood tacos at Mariscos German Beyer.
I deleted my FB account for everything you are stating above.  Those tacos look incredible, BTW!  I never would have seen those tacos on stupid FB.
TACOS! Why tacos? Don't get me wrong, they are some handsome-looking tacos; I just don't understand why the tacos.
I now only look in on FB every 4-6 months. And there really weren't too many of my friends posting anything recently - which either means people are using it on more private settings, which is the way I use G+, or they're just not using it as much either.

I still don't understand why FB won't let me look at things without logging in - that is, I know FB is doing it to force me to login, I dont understand the corporations using it. Especially pages by companies or celebs that want things publicly known - but noooo, I have to log in just to see it. (Or they let me see one page and then pester me to log in after X time viewing.) "You can only see our ad if you log in!" - makes no sense.
+Bora Zivkovic This is an official San Diego Food Alert. At the announcement of the next meeting in SD, grab the closest beer and head for +Jon Sullivan's recommendations.
I admit I hate Facebook, too!  It's liberating to say that.  The only reason I check it is to see my daughter's posts, how she's doing, etc.  It's pretty much the only contact I have with her lately...  :(    AND!!!  Just so everyone is sure about it; Jon has the best recommendations for all things taco related in San Diego.  Mariscos German & Mariscos Issac are not to be missed.  Tacos El Paisa! 
the return key thing drives me nuts. it seems even more sinister than all the rest, for some reason. like it's trying to short-circuit my own decision about when my message is ready to send or post. it's easy to turn off but just having that as a default setting ...there's something really creepy about it.
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