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Jon Stone
Father, freelance writer, tech enthusiast and all around geek
Father, freelance writer, tech enthusiast and all around geek

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Love the animated chart in this piece. A good highlight of how what data says can differ depending on how you look at it and the method you use.

The First Time…

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In case you missed it over the weekend...

Looks like it's time for another rousing round of Change All the Passwords!

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I'd be curious to visit an Amazon Bookstore... thought I doubt there will ever be one near me. But it's very cool to see how the data-driven digital approach is merging with physical sales and retail locations.

The Company That Ruined The Bookstore Industry Is Doing The Unthinkable

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I like this approach.

First-off, it puts controls in the hands of the reader, not the publisher. That helps with any censorship worries or filter-bubble amplification I imagine.

Second, it's a sliding scale and adjustable on the fly. So you can adjust based on your level of spoons that day or the general topic at hand.

Will be interesting to see where it goes and how/if it's implemented.

Google’s New Perspective Project Filters Online Comments Based on Toxicity

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I'm still not sure what I think of this trend... Though the kiddos seemed to get into Rapids for a bit and anything that gets the kids reading gets a few points in my book.

Wattpad Launches Chat-Style Reading App Tap | The Digital Reader

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Wow! Wish a setup like this existed in the US.

According to comments, seems it already works this way in Canada?

UK Govt Will Now Pay Authors Each Time Their eBook is Loaned From a Public Library | The Digital Reader

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Anyone using this popular CDN for your site might want to take a peek. Re-securing things is pretty straightforward...

Cloudflare Data Leak: How to Secure Your Site

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An fun jaunt through numbers and statistics...

"There are lots of reasons to care deeply about places that are demographically different from today’s America: Some of those places may turn out to be bellwethers for a future America that will be older, more educated and more racially and ethnically diverse than today; and some of those places are especially deserving of public attention and investment because they worse off than most other places."

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A bit of good news for the streams. Warm, wooly, comfy good news.
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