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Whoop, got my Firefox OS developer device :D

Ok so putting G+ back into single column mode makes it much easier to follow

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Click the "more" link, at the bottom of the menu you will be able to adjust your stream layout from multiple columns to one column. #uncrapify  

fecking Alt-Tab on gnome 3.8 is annoying.  It used to pick the windows on the current desktop first now it lists in order of last use across all desktops, I keep switching desktop without meaning to, grrrrr

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Interested to see how this turns out
A sneak peek at the intro of SWINGS & ROUNDABOUTS EPISODE ONE. Hopefully you won't have to wait too long for this. 

I'm gonna take a risk and update to 13.04 on the work machine

Really growing to dislike the gnome shell global menu, why can't I just have my menu on the window?  It makes no sense to me.

finally upgrading Fedora, fingers crossed all goes well

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got bored and wrote a little silly web app so I know when the next train leaves :)
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