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Jon Slater

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Feh. It's not even worth attending in the theater. Should be a straight to DVD release. 
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Jon Slater

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Whoever did the voice acting.. No, just no. Couldn't they have chosen Dana Carvey? He's not doing anything these days. 
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Jon Slater

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Hey kyle the video was pretty informative. A quick question though if you don't mind: "How do the sleeves hold up in weather such as rain or wind, since they are magnetic?" I live in Seattle, and as most know about the Pacific Northwest here, it does tend to get pretty windy and rainy here. Looking forward to your response when you get some time. Thanks. 
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It definitely is. Scottevest has a lot of products that are made just for that. I am a gadget guy, so I always have tons of stuff with me and their products help me not just wear huge cargo shorts with the pockets stuffed. :) Their pants are really nice too.
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Jon Slater

furry pic and art  - 
Everyone should know about Arktic. One of if not THE most iconic and famous of furries on the internet. I don't often roleplay as him on Chatango, but will if someone requests it. I personally think he's gorgeous and handsome. I'm not too much into the muscular look, but I like his design and the colors. =^_^= what do you think? 
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Just picked up the collectors edition of Diablo 3: #reaperofsouls I was quite surprised there was one copy left at my local gamestop. Snagged it this morning at 10am. The're holding the reaper of souls display for me as well. =^_^= 
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Really is. Almost level 50 and learned the my laptop can play it, but the frame rate is awful on it. Oh well. I okay on my desktop at home anyways. 
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Jon Slater

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That's an awesome idea . Make a mistake in production? Maybe you can use some audio for something else! =^_^= 
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Jon Slater

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you usually don't want a range greater than -2 dB to -0.5 dB. Optimum settings differ with your program material and conversion quality setting (in the editing tab of the preferences dialog). 

Jon Slater

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Are you a furry? Do you enjoy furry art, costumes, games, comics, yaoi/yuri, etc? If so, come join the Furry pictures art n craft community. It's open to the general public, to people like yourself. 

So what is a furry you ask? 
A furry can be: 
* Someone who dresses in animal costumes and sometimes attends conventions such as Anthrocon and FurMeet 
* Someone who is fond of anthromorphic animals 
* Someone who draws anthromorphic animals 
* someone who is a furry at heart 
* someone who roleplays as one, in this case their avatar is usually what they play as but they don't act as a furry in RL... and some still do too 
* Some furries "yiff" whether this be with animal suits on or by artwork. If you dont know what yiff is, it's simply furry porn.  
* some furries are furry just because they enjoy furry cartoons or comics or even books. 

If have any questions at all regarding this club and how it all works, contact +shawn the first and he or I will try to help you out as much as possible. We hope to see you soon. =^_^= 

#anthro   #furry   #furrie   #animals   #artwork   #art   #pictures   #cosplay   #fandom  
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all is yes
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Good morning, afternoon, evening wherever you are in the world on this great and wonderful Friday. Hope your week has gone by okay. If not, well have some big hugs from me okay? 

I found this picture a few months back while looking for a fox character that wears either traditional Japanese clothing or Japanese armor. 

Haven't given a name to him yet, but I think he's pretty bad ass. 
Reminds me of Kenshin from the Rurouni Kenshin anime/manga a bit. 
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Cool! :)
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Jon Slater

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Emerald city comic con is today and today was finals. I congratulated myself with playing at the arcades. I deserved a break and to spoil myself. =^_^=
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Audio Production/Engineering Student, Amateur Voice Talent for Podcasts and Film
Amateur voice actor, amateur podcast producer, MS Word, General Warehouse Duties, Picking/Packing, Assembly line production, QC Checker, Shipping/Receiving, Light Janitorial Cleaning, Amateur artist, Game tester, Amateur audio editor
  • Rhino Staging
    Stage hand, 2014 - present
    Loading and unloading of talent gear. Assembly of stage, audio, and video equipment as needed.
  • Washington Community Action Network
    Phone Donations, 2013 - 2014
    Calling local citizens of Washington State and asking for the support in local and international issues that matter most. From Medical Coverage for everyone, to stopping tax loop-holes and the extremists of the Tea-Party. Head to for more information
  • Geek I/O Studios
    Audio Producer, 2011 - 2013
    Currently Audio Editor for Disney Geek I/O. Former Producer: Gathering guests, sound effects, co-host at times, creating ad bumpers, capturing movie clips and funny sounds for reviews, etc.
  • Express Staffing
    Warehouse, 2013 - 2013
    Assembly line production for Olympic Mountain Products. Production of scented candles, waxes, bath salts, and incense. Unloading of cargo containers. Kent, Washington. General warehouse duties for "Georgetown home and garden" in Kent Washington.
  • SOS Staffing (Adams and associates)
    Warehouse, 2013 - 2013
    Packing, shipping, labeling, unloading freight, loading freight, assembly line production.
  • Terra Staffing
    General Warehouse Labor, 2013 - 2013
    Loading and unloading of service freight vehicles, pallet wrapping goods for shipping, assembly line production, order picking in warehouse for customers goods, filing files, dis-assembly and reassembly of warehouse part racks, moving equipment from one warehouse to another
  • CanterCast
    Audio Producer, 2013 - 2013
    Audio soundboard lackey. Worst Job I've ever had in my life.
  • Coin acceptors
    Technician, 2007 - 2012
    Repair and remanufacturing of vending equipment. Testing and repairing equipment to customers specs as per requested. duties include cleaning & washing equipment, testing equipment, repairing/servicing equipment. Soldering was not taught.
  • Sealed Air
    Packer, 2010 - 2011
    Quality control: Assuring production is on par with customer specs as per requested. Outbound freight, Janitorial light cleaning of warehouse.
  • Remedy Staffing
    Warehouse, 2001 - 2010
    Nintendo Of America: Assembly line video game assembler. Packaging for outbound shipping/freight. Tim's Cascade Potato Chips: Quality control, Janitorial cleaning of warehouse Bon Marche: Janitorial cleaning of warehouse, outbound freight, assembly of display stands and racks
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June 15, 1980
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"The most powerful weapon on Earth is the human soul on fire." -Ferdinand Foch
Q: How old are you? 
I am currently 33 years old

Q: When were you born? 
June 15th 1980

Q: How tall are you? 
I am 6'0 

Q: What is your hair color? 

Q:What is your eye color?
Ocean Blue

Q: Are those real tattoos on your arm? 
Yes. I have a black rose with the word Angel above it, and the word Princess below. I also have a reverse blade katana with the words "Man" & "Slayer" in Japanese Kanji. I fell in love with the Rurouni Kenshin aka Samurai X anime. I'll likely get them covered up with another tattoo in the future. I want a Dragon Tattoo, but I wont be getting it until I know I've accomplished something major in my life.

Q: Do you speak Japanese? 
Some phrases here and there that I've picked up either from the internet, Japanese language podcasts, or Anime. It's a tough language to master, and I learn a little more with practice. 

Q: What's your favorite food? 
I love sushi, and always will. I also love pizza - but I also enjoy Teriyaki so long as it's spicy. The hotter the Teriyaki the better I say. No pain, no gain. 

Q: What do you do for a living? 
Right now I'm looking for part time work as a part time student with the Art Institute of Seattle. Something flexible and not too complex. A job that can understand that some of it's young workers want to become professional in their own fields. 

Q: What is your life long dream? 
I would love to be a professional voice actor ,but if that doesn't pan out then I'd like to work for Kiro Radio or one of my local news stations here in Seattle on their audio staff. 

Q: What are you known for? 
Former Producer for Geek I/O (formerly named Tadpool Tech) Podcast, now behind the scenes audio editor at times for Disney Geek I/O. They are on Itunes as well as stitcher radio and youtube. They have a multitude of great shows on the network. check them out at and tell them that I sent you. 

Q: Any hobbies or interests?
I love video games and pc games. Notably I love RPGs. Whether they be JRPGs or the traditional table-top D&D RPG. I love cosplaying. To dress as a favorite character from an anime series or movie and have folks hug you while your in costume - it's just such a great feeling. I love martial arts. From Kendo to Karate and even Ninjitsu, and yes Kung-Fu as well. 

Q:Do you enjoy Washington State? 
It has it's quirks like any other state, but only this state has legends that others do not. Notably we have Jimi Hendrix's grave, Bruce Lee & Brandon Lee's graves, and we have a memorial for Kurt Cobain. Seattle was after all the home to grunge music. We also have the famous Pike Place Market and the Ye Olde Curiosity Shop on Pier 57. We even have a Ferris Wheel now on the pier, although I haven't ridden it yet.

Q:Does it really rain a lot in Seattle or is that just something people say? 
Seattle has it's moments for rain. The snow can be a hazard around here. People don't know how to drive in it, aren't prepared - and it's just cause for accidents and people getting cranky. 

Q: Do you drink a lot of Starbucks Coffee?
I used to drink a cup of it every morning before work, but now that I'm trying to lose weight, I don't have Starbucks in the mornings, and I've actually cut down my consumption. It can get pretty expensive at 5.00 dollars a cup. You're better off drinking coffee from home, or at best having a glass of juice or some water. Water is still good after all.

Q: Any words of wisdom you'd like to give? 
Save. Save your work often. If you don't - your likely to have your work crash and you have to start all over again.  Take time for yourself. People today are often so busy and wrapped up in what their doing that they don't spend any quality time for themselves. Enjoy the moments you have in life. After all, once you go, there is no re-spawn in this game of life. It's do or die. 
Bragging rights
I drank 63 cans of Red-Bull in a night and survived. Yeah, no kidding. Most jittery week I ever had in my life after drinking all those.
  • The Art Institute of Seattle
    Audio Production/Engineer, 2013 - present
    Critical Thinking, English Comp, Digital Audio I, Audio Technology
  • Kentlake High School
    97 - 2001
  • Nampa Idaho Job Corps
    PC Tech, 2002 - 2003
  • Green River Community College
    Art, 2001 - 2002
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