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Rebuilt my Raspberry Pi using the Arch distribution this time - apparently it works better with Mono. It was all looking good until I got a segfault while running the Noda Time tests :(

(It's possible that it's sucking up too much memory, of course. I'd prefer to see an OutOfMemoryException than a seg fault, but hey...)

There were a couple of "normal" test failures before the crash, so I should look into fixing those...
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Got enough swap space configured?
I don't think I've got any swap space configured at all at the moment... but I don't know yet whether that's the problem. Will try to work out which exact test is killing it, and see whether it still does so when running on its own.
You need the latest version of Raspbian, which apart from being faster, has an up-to date version of mono on it. You definitely need swap set-up it makes mono perform much better.
+Dan Clegg I tried the latest version of Raspbian, and it blew up really badly when running tests. Hundreds of failures. It was only through someone tweeting that the Arch version was more stable that I ended up where I am now.

In terms of setting up swap - I've already expanded my root partition to fill the SD card. How screwed does that make me? (I do have access to another Linux box if that would help...)
I am pretty sure gparted will be able to shrink that again to make space for swap (unless the partition is filled up of course).
Plenty of room - it's a 32GB SD card :) Thanks, will take a look. Probably best done on a separate laptop rather than with a live running system. Then I just need to work out how to add the swap, and I'm sure there are tutorials around that.
Oh yes - don't do that on a running system!
While in gparted, add a swap partition as well.
Then you'll only need an entry in /etc/fstab  (something like  "/dev/xxx none swap sw 0 0" - with xxx whatever your swap partition ends up to be)
+Jon Skeet did you try the latest version of Raspbian released this week, its based on Debian wheezy? I have .net 4 and MVC3 running very well on the Pi 
Hu do you have a link for Arch. My pi arrived yesterday im keen to get mono up on it.
Aha - turns out the killer test is one which creates a new AppDomain for every type in the project. It didn't help that I wasn't unloading those domains, either. Let's see whether changing that fixes the problems...
Mono is the first thing I want to get running when I get my Pi.
+Joe Dluzen The good news is that on both Arch and Raspbian it's very easy - just install the relevant package and you're away. No need to rebuild or anything like that :)
+Joe Dluzen Usually the recommendation is to use a partition as it is more efficient.  I guess if you have plenty of free space in the data partition, then using a file will do more evenly write the sd card (based on my tenuous grasp of how filesystems work these days and how that relates to write-levelling of sd cards).

I just by reflex added a swap partition and used that...
Have gone for a swap file for the moment, just for the sake of simplicity. It's easily rectified later on, of course :)

So far using the Pi has helped me discover one bug in .NET 4.5 beta, and I suspect a bug in Mono too.
Did you try to the "224MB split" instead of the default 128/128 RAM/GPU?

For 224MB for the CPU and 32MB for the GPU: sudo cp /boot/arm224_start.elf /boot/start.elf
The default on Raspbian is the 224MB split these days, I believe. I haven't checked whether it is on Arch. Will do so.
Ooh, it wasn't. Duly changed. That should help :) (I doubt that it'll fix Go, which is my next issue, but...)
I'm wondering: is the Raspberry Pi powerful enough to play 1080p video over the HDMI port?
Yup, that's why I've rebuilt on Arch :)
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