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Just received 5 copies of the Simplified Chinese translation of C# in Depth. It's interesting that it's about 20% shorter - I'd love to see stats about how "compressed" various tech books are in Simplified Chinese.

Not entirely sure what to do with the books, mind you. I suspect there isn't much demand in the UK... it's cool just to see them though :)
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Offer them on your blog, there must be some British C# programmers who are also learning Simplified Chinese, and that would be a perfect learning tool!
The hash really looks like a proper chineese symbol :-)
Eric Gu
It's funny,yes its a good tool for learning Chinese.BTW I'm reading your book.
+Eric Gu Are you reading the Chinese version? I'd be interested to hear whether it feels like a good translation. (I've no idea...)
Do you know if there's a Spanish translation and if so where I could purchase one? I'm curious to see what it's like to read a programming book in a language other than English.
+Peter Olson I don't, I'm afraid. I didn't even know there was a Russian translation! (Or maybe I did, and just forgot...)
We must now create programming languages in different languages...
may be we would come up with a compact,efficient language than usual English
+Anirudha Gohokar If you haven't seen APL, look it up on Wikipedia. Barring that, I'd take Lojban. Natural languages are so overrated, anyway.
+Pavel Minaev This is off topic, but I've been involved in constructed languages before and just wanted to say that natural languages have all of their flaws and irregularities because people think in flawed and irregular ways. If an engineered language, say, Lojban or Ithkuil, were to actually be used naturally, they would acquire all the imperfections for which natural languages are so notorious.
+Jon Skeet You can have +David Singleton or anyone else who visits MTV bring one to me. I can help to assess the Mandarin translation.

Regarding the thickness of the book, it is expected that the Chinese version is shorter. Many academic papers are about 6 pages in Chinese, about 10 pages in English.
+Richard Liu Will do. My point about different books is that it would reveal the proportion of the content that it plain text (and thus reduced in Chinese) vs diagrams and code, which I would expect to stay broadly as per the original. I'd be interested to see some of the books in the Head First series, for example, which are very illustration-heavy compared with my text-heavy book.
let me know if it is available in Gujarati or Hindi (national language of India)....
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