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Today, we launched a new version of Google+ app for iOS that fixes some of the top issues users have been reporting. The new version has:

- Support for landscape mode
- Clickable links in Messenger
- Bug fixes and performance improvements throughout the app

You can download the latest version here:

Remember to shake to send feedback! Learn more here: Google+ Update: Shake and Send (Sexy) Feedback from your iPhone

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Still no news on an iPad version, I gather?
thank you! it'll be much more useful now with landscape mode :)
And still no page functions? So I cannot curate my pages while travelling?
Guys, thanks soooo much for Landscape Mode: The numbers of my typoes will drop dramatically ;)
+Jon Sharkey
Landscape does not work in stream. Works only in pictures. It did not work first, had to reset iPad to work.
Please make an iPad version!
I think this is a good idea. Eventually +Google has to learn how to create a better user experience and learn a little about marketing. Apple wins because those two things are their specialty.
+Jon Sharkey Love the landscape typing for posting, but will you be adding landscape viewing of web pages from clicked links? My 50+ eyes would appreciate it!
+Madjid Boukri I should have been more specific: we added landscape mode to the posting screen, so you can use the wide keyboard when typing.
Appreciate the feedback. More landscape == better. :)
+Jon Sharkey OK for landscape. Here on iPad2 works decently well. Pictures rotate and are a lot more higher quality than before. Is there a place to report problems and bugs besides sending crash files to Apple?
+Madjid Boukri Shake the app to send feedback. It goes to us. Check out the video I linked to.
might be outside the intended scope of the app, but google talk would be insanely useful. There's a real lack of decent chat clients for google on iOS.
+Mark Traphagen I agreee, and my eyes are a smidge younger. ;) However, being able to type in landscape mode is a really great addition. Now, we just need a universal version for the iPad (hint hint +Jon Sharkey)!
Is it me or are they releasing about one update a week
I was just about to rave about this update when I noticed that I can only see my own posts in the main stream! Bigger problem! Arg!
Wow, I can't get it to start up now. I just get the splash screen, then it jumps back to the home screen. Hard reset and everything.
Just noticed that photos can go landscape as well! That's a huge improvement and should have been listed in the update notes. Wide images were unviewable until now. 
+Chris Kim A does this happen every time you start it? Does it get to the home screen then crash?
+Jon Sharkey yes, every time I start. It shows the Google+ splash screen, then silently returns me to the iPhone home screen without any messages or indications. It's not crashing my iPhone, it just isn't running the app past the splash screen. It may be interesting to note that the icon does show the Notification badge.
+Chris Kim A Can you try what +Madjid Boukri suggested? Double click the iPhone home button and kill it if it's running. If that doesn't work, can you try deleting it and reinstalling? Thanks for the feedback. This is useful.
Ian Hex
iPad app, please. iPad app. iPad. App.
Eye. Pad.
If this happens, I will make sweet love to your eyeballs.
+Jon Sharkey Okay, the double-tap and kill didn't get it to go, either. I guess I'll have to delete and re-install next. Glad this is helpful!
The update seems to be working fine for me, though I haven't used it much yet. I'm running the latest version of iOS on an iPhone 4. Could it be an OS or hardware conflict?
+Jon Sharkey working now that I deleted and re-installed!

Oh, hey, like the speed improvement on the +Mention lookups! Much much faster today. 
+Chris Kim A glad to hear that worked. Sorry for the trouble! We'll investigate what could have happened.
Google should drop all support for Apple products!
+Jon Sharkey appreciate the help! Thanks to you and the team for all the hard work you put in to helping out us lowly Apple users ;-)
Thanks, too +Madjid Boukri for the suggestion! Didn't work, but I still appreciate the help! :)
why did you remove the download link from google+ pages?
+Jon Sharkey Yeah. The circles stream. After some messing around I fixed it by going (on web browser) to each circle under my avatar and dragging the "volume" slider from "most" to "all". Then posts started appearing again. Meh. Bug. Apart from that, I'm looking forward to the iOS update. I've reported a few of the fixed issues - links in messenger woot! I hope copy and paste also works now too...
I'm heading to the app store right now. have been waiting for the landscape mode support! Great work guys!
Great update, landscape works a treat! I'll add my vote to an iPad app, seeing as I'll be getting the 3 when it's out!
Would love to see an HD version for the iPad...
We where getting MARRIED an ON OUR HONEYMOON!! lol;o)
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uploading a photo to a specific album would be awesome!
Just go Android - ICS is fast, smooth, and makes iOS look like DOS.. Then you are guaranteed to have the best "Cloud" experience. Apple's "Just Works" = "Just limited" to what Apple thinks a child can handle.
Sorry guys, I have no updates about Android or iPad.
ipad version would be great. Going to be a requirement if Google + is serious about taking over the world.
+Jon Sharkey Any news on an update to allow uploading of photos directly into albums through the iPhone app?
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I had the same problem as +Chris Kim A on my 3Gs. Tried everything, but eventually had to delete the app and reinstall. 
Sigh... Still missing the ability to--> edit a post, view share stats, embed links, embed video. No font size control. C'mon guys. It's not like you guys are a 10 person company. Get on this. And where is the iPad app? Hire more iOS developers. Many are looking for jobs.
They just added landscape mode? I think google has been easing up on its progress on the app and on the network.
hope this works, my app has been overlapping like crazy
Really glad this happened, my Google+ app had been crashing for a couple days now...
o that is good he just said yea just read it and srry if u think i am being rude or not
I also was not able to get it to load after updating, same as +Chris Kim A . IPhone 4, most recent IOS updates. I uninstalled and reinstalled and now it is working.
+Jon Sharkey Thanks for the update--- but how about being able to add links to a post and being able to edit posts and comments from the mobile app? I access G+ about 70% of the time from mobile and these are features that are severely missed.
Still waiting for an Android version that doesn't hog up an enormous amount of space on my phone.
No problem +Chris Kim A didn't want to tell u to delete and reinstall but those are the basic steps, next one is press power 4sec to reboot unit, after that GoTo Apple Store :-) 
+Madjid Boukri yes I'd already rebooted to no avail as well. I'm a bit suspect of this unit, though, and a visit to the Apple Store may be imminent anyway. 
yea ikr i really dont now they r talking bout
it is kind of confuzzing
Issues on iphone 4s 5.0.1: Typing when in the search box is laggy on iphone. Viewing photos on wifi/3G is also very slow. Fast switching circle views by sliding very fast will introduce a black screen for a little moment. And lastly, the app will crash very randomly (No fixed repro steps)
Ong I cannot get it to work properly on a 4 either. Too many errors even after closing all the open apps and doing a hard reset.
No problems at all on iPhone 4 version 5.01. 
One thing that would be nice would be that if you are scrolled way down reading "What's Hot" for instance, then switch to another app (text, whatever) then back to Google+, if it would remember where you were. Or if you lock your screen for a minute. It always goes to the top or back to the main screen and you have to scroll all the way back down or back find a link you were in.
After still not being able to upload photos via this latest app, I was advised that "location services" must be switched ON to enable that!!!! That seems to be doing the trick, but -- how does that work!? What if I don't want my location mapped every time I post something to G+?
Still not for iPad? or never ?
+Michiel de Lange We only access your photos with location permission since they may contain location data. But your location is only attached to the post if you choose to add it.
Please please please make a hybrid ios app that takes advantage of the iPad and its bigger screen!!?
Had same problem as some other people. App was exiting during splash screen after the update. Had to delete/reinstall the app to make it work.

Thing is, now Instant Upload detects everything as double and wants to reupload my whole camera library. I had to turned off the feature for now :(

I have send a feedback if u want to see my version etc.
Could have re-designed Photo Album page. Horizontal display of the albums is the worst thing I know about this app.
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