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Diving into some law marketing. Anyone have any experience designing marketing for law firms?
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We made a movie!

Last year my brother, +Jeff Ray, wrote a little screenplay he was calling, Where the Red Fox Lies, and blew into a conch shell to assemble the most crack squad of film superheroes the world has ever seen.

Or, at the very least, we were all REALLY excited about making something special.

Cut to: Austin, TX — Early Fall Sunshine Licks Faces ~18 months later:

And now that VERY film which my brother directed with all of his heart power, for which our team poured sweat, blood, and tears, and which I was fortunate enough to produce (which on a short film, means "play film mom and hand out juice packs, while making sure everyone wakes up on time, plus some other technical stuff") is NOW AVAILABLE for viewing on YouTube!

We've toured the country with this film and made some incredible connections at many of the film festivals who invited us out, and from time to time, even gave us some fancy looking awards.

Please take the time to see what we've all been thinking about every single day in one form or another for the last 18 months. It's been a joy and privilege to be a part of such a crack team of creative enthusiasts.


P.S. It goes without saying that we are SO GRATEFUL for all of the people that supported this film from the get-go by contributing their energy and helping finance it through Kickstarter. Without you—this film doesn't get made. THANK YOU!

Feel free to bookmark or share this YouTube link to watch later, when you have 36 minutes to watch it in its entirety. It's worth it. #notbiased

#filmmakers  #film #shortfilm #austin   #texas   #kickstarter   #success  #producer #director #filmmaking  #filmfestival #screenplay #screenwriting  #acting #actors
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Jon Ray

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It was really cool to see the bats flutter off to sleep this morning, while the birds sprung forth into flight. First time I've seen bats out this far east, so close to sunrise.

Usually, when some new creature shows up in my life in some kind of magical or seemingly random way, it means it is symbolism for something in my life.

When I googled "bats metaphysical meaning" I found out why those bats had made themselves known to me this morning (sometimes swooping so close to my head while I was doing yoga, that I thought they would get caught in my hair!).

Just like our dreams, life is full of symbolism when we look for it. This was spot on for me and just what I needed to hear.

Thanks for the inspiration, bats!
Don't let this creature freak you out. Take time to learn about bat animal symbolism, you'll find the bat is a great totem to fly by your side!

Jon Ray

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The case for homeopathy as a brilliant healing solution. I love being on the leading edge of thought. :)

There is a lot of misinformation out there about your body's ability to heal. There is never only one way—healing potential abounds. If traditional treatment ever seems too extreme, does not work, or a doctor tells you you'll just have to "deal" with it, know there are other options available.

You get to decide how you want to heal.

"Just as humankind went west to explore new frontiers and is now exploring the frontier of space, today scientists and physicians are exploring nanotechnologies and nanopharmacologies. It is only a matter of time before scientists and physicians learn that homeopathic medicine presents a fertile ground for exploring and exploiting the power of these powerful nanodoses.

Unfortunately, conventional physicians and scientists have continually provided misinformation about the status of scientific evidence about homeopathic medicine. They have frequently and incorrectly asserted that there is no research to prove that homeopathic medicines work, and they further have asserted that there is no way that the extremely small doses can have any effect whatsoever.

An independent group of physicians and scientists evaluated homeopathic clinical research prior to October, 1995 (Linde, 1997). They reviewed 186 studies, 89 of which met their pre-defined criteria for their meta-analysis. They found that on average patients given a homeopathic medicine were 2.45 times more likely to have experienced a clinically beneficial effect. When reviewing only the highest quality studies and when adjusting for publication bias, the researchers found that subjects given a homeopathic medicine were still 1.86 times more likely to experience improved health as compared with those given a placebo. The researchers have also noted that it is extremely common in conventional medical research for more rigorous trials to yield less positive results than less rigorous trials.

Four separate bodies of researchers have conducted clinical trials in the use of a homeopathic medicine (Oscillococcinum 200C) in the treatment of influenza-like syndromes (Ferley, 1989; Casanova, 1992; Papp, 1998). Each of these trials was relatively large in the number of subjects (487, 300, 100, and 372), and all were multi-centered, placebo-controlled, and double-blinded (two of the three trials were also randomized). Each of these trials showed statistically significant results. Even the highly respected Cochrane Collaboration acknowledged that these results were "promising" (Vickers, 2007).

[During a homeopathic study of fibromyalgia]: What is also extremely interesting about this study was that the researchers found that people on homeopathic treatment also experienced changes in EEG readings. Not only did subjects who were given a homeopathic medicine experience improved health, they were shown to experience different changes in the brain wave activity. This evidence of clinical benefits and objective physiological action from homeopathic medicines in people with chronic symptoms constitutes very strong evidence that these nanodoses can have observable effects."

Nobel Laureate and physicist Brian D. Josephson (1997) of the University of Cambridge wrote in the New Scientist (December 9, 2006):

“Simple-minded analysis may suggest that water, being a fluid, cannot have a structure of the kind that such a picture [of homeopathy] would demand. But cases such as that of liquid crystals, which while flowing like an ordinary fluid can maintain an ordered structure over macroscopic distances, show the limitations of such ways of thinking. There have not, to the best of my knowledge, been any refutations of homeopathy that remain valid after this particular point is taken into account. A related topic is the phenomenon, claimed by Yolene Thomas and by others to be well established experimentally, known as the ‘memory of water'. If valid, this would be of greater significance than homeopathy itself, and it attests to the limited vision of the modern scientific community that, far from hastening to test such claims, the only response has been to dismiss them out of hand.”

"One cannot help but sense and anticipate the veritable treasure-trove of knowledge that further research in homeopathy and nanopharmacology will bring in this new millennium."

“Nature uses as little as possible of anything.”
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Jon Ray
"One reason why a remedy “does not work” in treatment is not because vibrational remedies like homeopathics are bogus, but because the issue needs correcting via another method. Or a range of other methods such as homoeopathic pills, sleep and dietary changes. Often, if the remedy does not ‘work’, another perspective needs to be taken to treat the cause. You need to match the right medicine to the ailment. In other words, a hammer is for hammering nails, not a screwdriver."

Jon Ray

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How I found strength in being terrible at sports.
Learning to imagine the trajectory from where you are to where you want to be. A bloody tale.

Jon Ray

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Looking into blogging on Medium. I just published, "Cinema of the Mind" as my first post.
Every morning I sit or lay on my floor and give myself an hour to just imagine things. No rules. No limitations. Anythin…

Jon Ray

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AMERICA—an idea born from beautiful contrast.

As English-American political activist, philosopher, author, political theorist, revolutionary, and founding father of America, Thomas Paine, used to say, "A little matter will move a party, but it must be something great that moves a nation."

And isn't that an incredible system!? In our sameness we find stagnation, but in our differences great desires are born that we may take pride in championing.

None of us want everything handed to us on a silver platter. That may sound fun, but once grown accustomed, it becomes incredibly boring. We are here as creators. We find our energy, excitement, and passion by putting our hands in the clay—by getting a little dirty and working things out.

We are solvers of puzzles, every one of us. And how wonderful to live in a country founded on the idea that from contrast or oppression we can birth new desires and realize them as a reality. Our personal power comes from our creativity—our ideas! How freeing it is to know that any and all bumps in the road are designed to show us where we are currently at and inspire us into action that will put us where we want to be.

True freedom is not having everyone agree with what we think is right. Freedom, as an idea, as a truth, as a frequency of thought, is appreciating another's point of view for the delicious inspired thought and action that it births within YOU.

Without the Bank of England three hundred-plus years ago, there isn't a strong enough reason to champion the idea of a country "for the people and by the people." From that contrast came the concept of America. This country started out as a creative idea, not a country. As the idea spread and gained momentum, it inspired action—it gave many a canvas to express their creativity by asserting their idea of what a beautiful life looked like to them.

The Declaration of Independence didn't immediately stamp all of those ideas onto society in a happily-ever-after framework of society, though. Rather, it set the inspired idea and concept of freedom for which we were to STRIVE towards. The self-evident truths drawn up by our founding fathers were born from the stagnation and opposition they received from within the old energy ideas they were living under a system of the few ruling the many. But without that contrast, the expansion of thought which birthed America wouldn't have happened.

Now, we find ourselves in a similar position. A Central Bank proving to be a catalyst for change; a trigger launching us into inspired thought and action. How beautiful and poignant that the next leap in evolution of thought for the concept of America would come in the same way as the first.

This is our opportunity for each of us to put on the mantle of the founding fathers and decide for ourselves what kind of life we want to live. Will we use the contrast around us to birth a creativity, the likes of which, the planet has never before witnessed; or argue for our limitations by handing our personal power over to circumstance?

The next wave of freedom will not be born out of battle with opposing forces, but rather from our awakening to the power which lives within each of us. America is an idea. Anyone arguing for left or right, up or down, is flirting with the concept of freedom in the best way they know how, but we all want the same thing—the experience of our own personal power.

We do not need someone outside of us to dictate, delegate, or distribute this to us—we can step into that power NOW. Government does not make a people, the people make its government. Each of our lives can be beautiful regardless of the decisions that others make. It is only when we allow them to have influence over us that our own power begins to fuel THEIR ideas. In opposition, we give the enemy the energy it requires to grow.

In fear of anything, we give away our personal power. In reactionary thought, we give away our personal power. In every wag-of-the-finger, we tell others that we are not powerful because someone else has taken something from us. This is not creative. It is not accurate. It is a false premise.

We are the deciders of our own life. We control all circumstance outside of us by mastering that which is WITHIN. To become a master of thought is to understand one's own motivations without need for attacking another's.

The power of a people is realized as the power within each person. There is never an enemy, only a brilliant excuse to find clarity and focus. The only true oppression is our own lackadaisical patterns of thought. Solution abounds. The only time we experience lack is when we fail to realize our infinite creative potential and power.

Every experience, no matter how heinous it might seem, births brilliant new desires. From these desires, new thoughts begin to cluster, until action is inspired within a body—both the personal body and the body of a people. Without contrast there is not inspired action. Without inspired action there is not growth. Without growth there is not pleasure, for it is our eternal expansion of thought which truly delights each and every one of us. It is a beautiful system.

True freedom is not won as a country, it is realized as an individual. Seeing a contrasting idea, birthing a new desire, watching the desire gain momentum within you and inspire new thought, following that thought into inspired action, then seeing that action manifest as positive change and new understanding—THAT is true freedom. Our hands in the clay.

This is the idea of America. This is the gift the founding fathers gave to each of us. This is something to aspire towards.

I'm so proud to be a part, not only of the United States of America as a country, but a part of the ever evolving and expanding concept and idea of what freedom means to the world at large.

We all become free the second we choose it.

Rock, Flag, and Eagle. Happy 4th of July!

#4thofjuly   #america  #merica #mericaforever #freedom   #deadwhiteandblue  #Republicans #Democrats #Liberty #LibertarianParty #Conservative #LiberalLogic #Liberal   #PersonalPower  #Inspiration #LawofAttraction #Empowerment #Power #Gratitude #Quote
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Jon Ray

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ChefHangout is an idea I watched from concept to creation while launching Hangouts at Google. I've been on many of these educational cooking hangouts and learned some interesting ways to prepare food as a bachelor that DIDN'T require sliding a Hot Pocket into a cardboard sleeve and then nuking it.

For the right company, this is a very interesting concept that could provide great PR opportunity and a whole new level of brand loyalty and awareness.

Who's got the money, courage, and foresight to make this a part of their marketing/PR strategy and escalate this unique platform to a whole new level? I'm very interested to see the company that steps up to this.

Godspeed, +Joe Saad. No doubt you're on to bigger and better. It's been a pleasure working with you over the years. :)
Chapter Two

Who will be the next owner?

Hello everyone,

We launched here on Google+ with great fanfare as a place to take live cooking classes from the comfort of your own kitchen using Hangouts. We accomplished awesome things (covered below) and proved that a magical and delectable experience with repeat customers could be delivered via webcam effectively.

Today, I’m very excited to announce the sale of and with great anticipation, I look forward to seeing who the right buyer will be. Chapter two will begin soon as we embark on finding the right company or individual to take it to the next level.

Reason for sale.
My work at ChefHangout was that of creator and builder, visionary and dreamer. It now requires a company or an individual who will bring full time leadership and the resources necessary to realize the fantastic potential that ChefHangout possesses.

Another reason I’m selling is that my primary business, Merger Partners, has become very successful and is growing. We’ve created something new in the investment banking industry, and as a result, very substantial growth is underway and I’m hiring. It requires my full dedication and focus. Therefore,  I cannot devote the time necessary to take ChefHangout to the next level.  

Two Types of Buyers for

Strategic buyer - A company
The right strategic buyer could acquire and very rapidly scale it to hundreds of chefs teaching thousands of classes. There are dozens of strategic buyers that we’ve identified and will be approaching. There are compelling reasons why ChefHangout is an interesting fit for each one of these companies. Some include +Blue Apron (how about it +Matt Salzberg?) You said that more educational content could be a part of Blue Apron’s future plans. Why not offer some of your meals with a cooking class?), +Sur La Table, +Munchery, +Plated, +Whole Foods Market, +Epicurious, Central Market, +Yummly  …… and even +Helpouts by Google, but I imagine Google will be more interested once an entrepreneur grows the company to over 1,000 chefs. Do you have ideas for companies that would be strategic fits? Please me know.

The right entrepreneur can grow the company into a phenomenal destination and would do the things necessary to create a very successful business. As Chef +Adam Massimo Mazzocchetti said, should be the first place anyone on the planet thinks of when they want to take a cooking class. I will work with the right entrepreneur to grow the company into a cash flowing success that can either be sold to a strategic buyer or grown through venture funding when certain metrics are achieved. VCs are pouring money into food startups and this one could be very appealing once a larger cash flow stream is maintained and strategic partnerships are formed with bigger brands.

Are you an angel investor who’s intrigued? I know one individual here on +Google+ who is an extremely capable guy and with the right backer, could grow this business dramatically. Let’s connect you two.

The Process
I’ve hired an advisor to lead the effort in selling That firm will field inquiries from here along with our own contacts we are making to prospective buyers.

The process is very simple. After my advisor has conversations with interested buyers, we will schedule conference calls with my advisor and myself, and exchange any confidential and detailed information.

We will assess indications of interest and term sheets from various buyers and choose one during the month of November with a December closing targeted.

Contact Info
Please contact me at and we will respond to inquiries. Feel free to ask questions by commenting here if you like.  There is certain private, proprietary and confidential information that I will not be able to answer publicly, but I’ll certainly address privately with credible buyers.

Stories of Success & Awesome Things

Date Night Investor
A husband and wife bought a date night cooking class with our amazing +Chef Dennis Littley. The couple are friends of mine and twenty minutes after the class, I received a call from John. He was practically giddy! He went on and on about how much fun they had and then dropped the news. He and his wife had saved $50,000 and they wanted to invest in While I didn’t take their investment, it told me a lot. The experience was so much fun and so awesome, that they wanted to immediately invest.

William Burdette from
+William Burdette is a podcaster at No Satiation, “a podcast for food nerds”.
After taking a cooking class at, he of course did a podcast about it and said, “I left my kitchen kind of euphoric. When people talked about the promise of the internet, 10, 15, 20 years ago, this is what they were talking about.”  

We did a cooking show (photos below) with +ZAGAT so take a peak at the YouTube video of it here:

Here’s How it Works

One Chef. Three Cities. One Family.
This family likes hanging out together. But, separated geographically, it's challenging to meet sometimes. So, they decided to have a private cooking class at They laughed and had fun while making an amazing meal together, and when our chef left after class, they dined together, family to family, face to face. Watch some of it here:

Great media coverage, including this from +The Next Web
“ChefHangout is a Genius Use of Google+ and Could Actually Make Money” Thanks to +Drew Olanoff for recognizing us!

Happy Repeat Customers
+Jeff Karpinski our number one customer, bought ... well let’s just say, over a dozen classes. When I asked Jeff one day why he bought so many classes given he was already a pretty darn good cook, he said this. “Because I’m willing to try cooking things I never would have tried by myself. With a chef standing with me in my kitchen, I’m willing to try things like tiramisu.”

Master Classes
Ten Classes. One Subject. Be an Expert.
There is nothing else like this in the market, and it serves a need for those who crave deeper culinary knowledge and want more than just one class, but aren’t interested in going to get a formal education in culinary arts. Once completed, the customer gets a ChefHangout chef jacket and the satisfaction of knowing they’ve accomplished a level of expertise in one particular area of cooking.

Our brand age here has over 1.6 million followers
Check it out here: 

Massive thank you to our chefs!
Our chefs inspired me throughout the process of building something great. They signed on before they even saw a website. Our first developer just couldn’t build the sort of site we needed and the chefs hung in there. Our second developer was nothing short of genius as they were able to build things that people to this day, can’t seem to replicate and approach me to buy.

Our chefs motivated me and more importantly, many of them became my friends. Chef +Jake Croston, the popular, handsome and funny chef whose skills should be on TV, +Chef Dennis Littley's wisdom and knowledge proved again and again to be of great value, Chef +Haylee Otto, +Mary Helen Leonard, +Stormy Sweitzer, +Jessica Chiasson Wood, +Jackie M, +Adam Massimo Mazzocchetti, +Jenny Kelley, +Janice Mansfield and many more were all instrumental in building something brand new and unique.

And, a huge thanks to all of you!
There have been tons of awesome relationships built along this path! I’ll never forget the launch day announcement Hangout with +Sarah Hill on the news, a pioneer and trailblazer here for human media, many Hangouts with +Bruce Garber, the co-creator of +Virtual Photo Walks™,  strategy discussions with +Peter G McDermott, +Chris Hill, +Michael Sitarzewski & +Chris Yates and hanging out at +SXSW in Austin with +Amanda Blain, +Daria Musk and so many others. Hangouts with +Laurie DesAutels, +Mike Downes, +Kim Beasley, +Elaine Lindsay, and even superstar +Mark Cuban! I’ll never forget those early creative discussions with +Paul Allen founder of I’m grateful for friends from Google like +Loren Groves who was valuable and supportive as we developed ChefHangout. +Vic Gundotra you’re inspiring and thank you for your kind words not long ago in Dallas, +Anne Espiritu your knowledge of PR and marketing is second to none. +Denis Labelle  your insight and wealth of information on Google+ has been massively valuable and the same to +Ronnie Bincer  – hanging out with you in Austin was a blast! +Pelpina Trip what an amazing video you did for our site! +Dan McDermott's  outstanding expertise here has been of great value! You and many more like you have been huge parts of building this, and I’m deeply grateful for each of you.

Thanks to all of you from the bottom of my heart!

First in social media?
Has any business ever been both launched on a social network and sold there too?

Have you ever seen someone announce the upcoming sale of their business via Google+, Twitter, Facebook, or other social networks? +Robert Scoble have you? +Danielle Gould maybe you know? I never have, and nobody I’ve spoken to has but after careful consideration, we thought, why not. :)

Media, please cover this if you deem it newsworthy, +The Next Web, +TechCrunch, +Mashable, +Inc., +Jason Salas, +Amber Mac, +Cali Lewis, +Mike Elgan, +Leo Laporte, and others! :)

Share please
There are oodles of entrepreneurs and companies who might have an interest in buying this business, so please share away. Let’s make history as the first company both launched and sold on Google+!
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Sounds good to me. +Joe Saad

Jon Ray

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This audio piece about imagination is something I put together a couple of years ago. At the time I was desperately wanting to believe in this idea, I had a great intellectual understanding of it, but I was not yet fully living it. I hadn’t integrated it at my core.

If I were to tell the me of 2-years ago that today, I am living it and have found that greatness I was so desperately longing for—not outside in external achievements, projects, or people—I have discovered the greatness that lives within me unconditionally. The greatness that was there 2-years ago, just at a frequency that I had not acclimated to seeing yet.

Had I told my former self these things, he would have scoffed. He wanted tangible manifestations, accolades, positive peer review, to be loved by everyone. At least that’s what my former self thought he wanted. But it went deeper and at the core of those desires was someone that just wanted to feel solid, feel powerful, feel his genius, feel his connection to everything. Of course the paradox is that the internal bliss leads to the external manifestation. And I’m beginning to enjoy the unfolding of that.

By putting in the mental effort to turn away from naysayers and negative thoughts and keep his eye on the prize, my former self was able to train his thoughts to a place of peaceful power, gentle clarity, and striking brilliance. He set the foundation by practicing thoughts—like physical fitness for the body, he treated his mind like a muscle that needed conditioning—he practiced the thoughts he wanted to be thinking by default long enough that he came to believe them and KNOW them to be true. The thoughts he was practicing became the thoughts he was thinking. Through this process, he opened his intuition to an entirely new level of receiving and understanding.

And now I am that luminous being inspired by the thoughts I practiced two years ago, five years ago, twenty years ago. I am the culmination of them all with the momentum of those thoughts most frequently practiced in the past few years, months, weeks, days, hours programming how I access the thoughts and memories of the prior 30.

It happens slowly and so it’s easy to miss how powerful this is, and yet we are today the thoughts we practiced yesterday.

Who will you be tomorrow? 

Imagine what’s possible. #tbt
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Some of my morning musings on Alzheimer's and finding balance.

Jon Ray

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Their fans will probably not be your fans — at first. Join me on my new blogging adventure.
We wrote a book.

And we did it in a rather interesting way. Over the past three days, +Natalie Stott and I locked ourselves in a room, called in a few invisible friends, listened for inspired thought, and took turns speaking an entire book out loud.

We had so much fun and surprised ourselves many times over at the information that ended up on the recordings. All told, we walked away late last night with 17 hours of information-packed audio recordings that will now be transcribed into our first book together.

The book covers all of our favorite subject matter: Relationships, Money and Business, Channeling, Purpose of Life, Abundance, Creativity, Health & Vitality, Past, Present, & Future, Living in the Now, Contrast, God, Entertainment, and quite a few Best Practices for living—plus a few surprise topics.

We've told so many of our coaching clients that struggle is never necessary in any part of your life—especially when you're expressing yourself creatively. When you allow the energies to line up, when you listen for intuition, and when you express from a place of inspiration, the ideas just flow. This book was a practice of being in the flow. Setting the intention and energy of something we wished to create and then allowing it to just come through us easily and effortlessly.

While there is still work to do—we must transcribe it all and then get everything formatted to submit to publishers—the information is there. The energy is there. The fun that we had creating this book is baked right into it for all to feel.

We can't wait to share it with you all. Thank you for your continued support. It has allowed us to resonate in every moment more strongly with that larger part of ourselves that is silly and soft; allowing and brilliant.

What an incredible experience this has been and how fortunate I feel to have someone in my life who always encourages me to jump, no matter the height, so that I might experience the exhilaration of flight time and time again. Natalie Jayne Stott, you are an inspiration and a talent. I'm so glad we were able to share this creative experience with each other. Let's write another one! :)

#SelfPublishing   #Books #Authors #Writing #Publishers #IndieAuthor #AmWriting #Publisher #LawOfAttraction #Manifesting #Abundance #Creativity #Relationships #Money #PersonalPower #Purpose   #Health #Channeling   #Success #Metaphysics #Spirituality #Inspiration  
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Jon Ray
P.S. I cannot wait to share with you how we wrote this thing. It was really something special—and I believe it could be easily duplicated. Time will tell. :)
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Writer • Philosopher • Rockstar
  • Inspect & Cloud
    Co-founder, 2012 - present
    Providing solutions to make the property management industry more fun, creative, efficient, and awesome.
  • Sugarberry Road
    Director of Imagination, 1984 - 2014
    Imagine what is possible. Become it.
  • They Laughed at Jules Verne
    Host, Writer & Personality, 2012 - 2013
  • Google
    Field Marketing Strategy & Operations Lead, 2011 - 2012
  • CM4 - Premium iPhone cases & accessories
    Director of Marketing, 2010 - 2012
  • Papertank Productions - Video Production
    Content Producer, 2004 - 2012
  • Saatchi & Saatchi, L.A. - Youth Marketing
    Content Strategy, 2005 - 2008
  • Study Breaks Magazine - Writer, Blogger, Marketing
    New Media Consulting, 2008 - 2010
  • Equity Residential
    Marketing Consultant
  • Real Property Services
  • The Hills Fitness Center
    Director of Sales/Marketing
  • Duncanville Athletic Club
    Sales Manager, 2001 - 2002
  • Savage Sport 'N' Tan
    Marketing Consulting, 2000 - 2002
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This is such a great program. For students they provide a free, during and after-school program that teaches students the science of aviation and allows them to work towards getting a pilots license. For hobbyists, like myself, they allow you to learn on a simulator, so that when you get to the real airplane, it's smooth Ray, the instructor, is a great guy and so passionate—not to mention an excellent teacher. You walk out after your lesson embodying those famous R. Kelly words, "I believe I can fly!"
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Some of the best barbecue sauce I have ever tasted! Buying it up in bulk and sending to friends and family as presents. It's that good! Contact Chef Scott to learn more. So delicious! Put it on his famous jerk chicken and you're in a world of yum.
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
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I put off going to the dentist for 5 years because I was afraid that they would tell me something I didn't want to hear. Dr. Moossy was somehow able to make the entire experience enjoyable. Maybe it was the awesome new technology he uses (digital teeth xrays that pop up on the screen right in front of you!), or perhaps his sense of humor, but going to the dentist was fun—yeah, I said it. So, if you've always thought of the dentist as being scary, give Moossy a try. Those pearly whites deserve the best.
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The tuna spread here is delicious. Pair it with a poppy seed bagel and ring the bell on your way out and you're onto a great day!
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179 reviews
This is the best chicken I've ever put in my mouth... It's good, no, great. Plus, mac 'n' cheese that makes you want to slap ya momma.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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Needed a fun, cool, unique award to give out at the Austin Young Chamber awards. Dan created an awesome globe sculpture design out of recycled parts that was a big hit and about a million times better than something a trophy shop could have done. Made us look good. Thanks, Dan!
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They served our sushi on a big boat. Beautiful presentation and even better choice of fish. They get the good stuff. True Japanese seating, so wear clean socks.
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