Kingsford's Mobile Fail
Cool! For grilling tips and tricks I just scan the QR Code (only it's actually a data matrix code), only to find out my works-for-everything-else scanner app sees it as a string of meaningless digits. On the back of the bag are details about how I only need to download a special scanner app, and then scan the QR code (again) and "get ready for grilling." As if I'm really going to do all that.

This is a classic case of the marketing team getting sucked in by the functionality of the technology, and not having been guided through what the user experience will be. Had this been a real standard QR code it would have worked with any scanner, and could have been a great success, but instead they were suckered into the proprietary junk.

I don't blame you, Kingsford, because this is new territory for most marketers. I blame the people who sold you on the wrong technology. At least you could have included an SMS option (which would have worked on any phone).
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