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See who else the photo album is shared with!


Oh, hello there! I'm +Jon Moon and I’m an engineer on Google+ photos.

You may have noticed that when someone posts something in your stream, you can see who it was shared with. If you look at the top of the post you'll see either Public, Extended circles, or Limited, and clicking on that shows you more details. (More info here:

Today we are introducing the same feature for photo albums, so that you can comment on photos knowing who will be able to see your brilliant, witty, clever remarks. Hooray!

This is just one of the many ways we are working to improve your photos experience on Google+. Thanks and we look forward to your feedback!
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Nice work +Jon Moon! There will be, in a soon future, a way to republish a single photo of a entire album already published? Because, as the circles grow up, some people, like me, want to republish the best shots! I would apreciate your comment.
Great new feature for photo sharing.
+Jon Moon Great! Thanks.

REQUEST: Can you allow us to choose a Picasa folder to hold posted images?

My Picasa account is overflowing with single-photo folders that I dare not move the images from lest they become invisible on G+. Ideally, I could select the folder they would go into to help me manage my posted images. As it is, this simply won't scale. It's already out of control.
I love this feature! Thank you. I do have a question taking this one step further. Is there any way to prevent one sharing your image here on G+ without giving credit to the artist? I ran across a follower who has chosen to share images that are not his and seems quite proud of his behavior after being called out on it. What are we to do to protect our images here from being shared without consent?
Nice work Jon!

BTW +Natalie Villalobos I really like how individual Google team members make these little updates. I also like the awkward homemade videos when they stumble around and look goofy while talking about new features. There is something genuine and geeky when they talk about something they built... it's really awesome... you know what I mean.
Cool....and I just figured out how to organize my scrapbook sets in picasa so I don't have to keep deleting them when I add 5 new ones. Sweet.
Definitely know what ya mean +Trey Ratcliff. We're wanting to showcase the many faces of the Google+ team because it's not just 1 or 2 visible people who crafted Google+, but an entire team that's been eagerly building innovative features. And you nailed it - we're goofy, we stumble, we're geeky and genuine - and with these videos we get to be ourselves with the users we're excited to share with! FYI +Michael Hermeston and +Matt Waddell who instigate great communication between the product and support teams and the Google+ community.
+Jon Moon this is a great new feature. i would also like the ability to re-arrange the folders on the "photos" page so that i can move the "profile photos" and "photos from posts" folders down the order and choose which four albums are shown first on the page (i did submit this in a "feedback" request)
It would be useful to be able to share photo by photo and not the whole album.
+Natalie Villalobos i love that you guys are putting your faces on this project and for us to have the ability to have direct interaction with the designers is damn near unheard of and an excellent touch. it personalizes it that much more. bravo and +1 to you!
+Marcus Sant'Anna You can go to an individual image in a Picasa album within Picasa. Copy the URL of the image in the address bar and paste that into the link text input field when you post a link on your G+ page. (You may also be able to re-share single images from there directly.) This will not prevent individuals from being able to see the rest of the images within the album that you have already shared, but it will allow you to feature specific images periodically. +Jon Moon -- thank you for the updates!
when I comment on a photo in an album, then each photo from inside that album then becomes a separate post from the originator in the stream. Is there already a fix?
this is lovely and all, but as has been already said, the sharing of individual images is a much more commonly desired ability. it's surprising to me how many basic features are missing from image handling here. as far as images handling goes facebook's got y'all beat--organizing, editing, renaming, moving, and etc, all very simple and intuitive.
Many thanks +Robin Griggs Wood! But sadly, with this method, all the comments made in the photo on the stream, will not appear in the album..:(
I tried to share one of my pictures I previously added on my albums on G+ without success. I had to upload the whole album instead. It would be nice if one could just go on any uploaded album and click on the single photo and have it published on the srream. Is that possible or am I so dumb
....that I didn't realize it is possible already?
This is a feature I was longing for just a couple days ago. So, neat!

Now, can you consider using the neat zoom effect in videos also in the stream? Now that would look nice.
Nice work +Jon Moon !! Is it possible to change the visibility settings of our posts? After posting something as public, I want to make it Limited. Is it possible? Thanks
+Jon Moon, How do you delete single photos from a album? Also how do you share a single photo from an album? Change the first featured image? Using Firefox, Chrome chokes on my laptop.
+Marcus Sant'Anna: Yes, ideally comments to an image posted to the stream and comments to an individual should all stay together -- let us hope that is a functionality the G+ folks would be willing to give us in the future. DO use your "Send feedback" link at the bottom lower right often (I know its a pain, but they at least we have one.) Communicate what you want and communicate often. +pio dal cin : The only way the method that I described previously for sharing single images doesn't work is if you have the the album set to "Only you" -- the whole album must be available to at least one person (the one I use is "Limited, anyone with the link"). +Rob Fishback : See my previous post for sharing single images (start within Picasa, not G+). Deleting must also be done within Picasa -- click on your album, click "Organize"; options to delete single images are there.
+Jon Moon can i request you to please answer couple of my queries regarding photos and remove my confusion from that. Below are the queries:

In the photos tab of my profile there is an option called "photos from your circles" so my query is:
1)Can u please define the set of rules or precisely exactly which photos should appear in the "photos from your circles section". As photos are shared in multiple ways like some photos are individually uploaded and some are packed in an album and if both made public then which of those should appear in that section from my circles. As in this section all individual photos are displayed and not album wise so if some one shared an album then how it will show up in this section. Please put some more light on what should appear in this section of photos?

2) Why some photos are shown multiple times in the "photos from your circles" section?

Looking forward to your answer.
Greetings, Googleverse!

My apologies for not responding to comments until now - I'm already hard at work on some other cool Google+ Photos features. And on that topic, thanks for the feature requests and feedback - while I can't make any specific promises, please know that we really are listening (and using the 'Send feedback' link is the best way to get your vote counted) and that we'll continue to iterate and improve the ways your photos are organized, displayed, and shared. Yay!

Your support, opinions, and enthusiasm are super great - thanks for being a part of Google+! Keep up the good work. :D

ps.+Rob Fishback you should be able to delete individual photos from within the lightbox - pop open the "Actions" menu below the photo and "Delete photo" should be there waiting for you - let me know if it isn't!
+Jon Moon . Why is not possible to putva share (with G+) button on Picasa? It will m
It will be a lot easier to post a photo without uploading the album: I go to the photo, i click share with G+ and that's it. It is so simple.why things always get so complicated when they shouldn't? Picasa is a Google product. If they cannot interact easily with each other and be 100 % practical then Google+ team should come up with a solution, even if it meant to create a Picasa 4 5 or 6. Where is the flexibility? Once a new system is created by the G+ team we can al migrate all the photos there. Picasa without interaction with G+ (total interaction) it is a dinosaur on the verge of exctinction :) please find a solution thanks
I really like the little picture sign. It lights up so cute.
:-). I do not like the red stream :-( It makes me think of a river of blood. Streams should be beautiful blue, not polluted.
Access to All
Jon, can I choose which of my circles I can share an album with, or do I have to create a post with some kind of link.
Ditto.  Looks like I only have options to sort by "date" or manually, neither of which works for the my processed photos.  And if there isn't a sort by filename option (as there is in Picasa), why not?
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