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Had to publish this one independently. Glad I did.
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What do you think of tools like Spundge ( ) that focus on the premise of people evolving from content creators to content curators instead to stay above the masses?
I've never heard of it, but it looks horrible to me. Seriously, this landing page looks like a deadpan, spot-on parody of everything I hate about the current media era. Exploiting the data instead of being interesting is exactly what's wrong.
How about looking at it this way: if there exists tools that make it easier to gather news, do your homework, check your references, and then create stuff that you can publish, that would give people time to create better quality content?
Yes, that I'm into for sure. We should be making tools and media that reduce the time sink for people, not ones that increase it. Make us more efficient at doing what we have to do, so we can take more pleasure in doing what we want to do.
I got my first job as a journo more than 10 years ago through my blog, and I'm still seeing opportunities open up for me through this channel.

Thing is, quality writing will always resemble the press--in effort, in process, and in final form. Poor writing, on the other hand, will always resemble marketing fail.

People will always have a weakness for a story well told. End of story.
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