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It doesn't look like Gary Johnson will get 5% national population vote, but be heartened:

Libertarian Party national pop vote trend:
2004 - 0.32%
2008 - 0.40%
2012 - 0.99%
2016 - 3.24%

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NOTICE: Misinformation being spread on social media that Bill Weld has given up on the Libertarian ticket. Crush the posts without mercy.

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Come on out and see us at the Plano Balloon Festival today and tomorrow.

+Plano Balloon Festival, Inc +Libertarian Party +Collin County Libertarian Party


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Congratulations to +Blind Wave for hitting 100,000 subscribers on +YouTube 

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Ballot-qualified in Rhode Island now.

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Published on September 9th, 2016 +The Libertarian Republic by +Josh Guckert

"The American people want to hear the voices of Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld in the debates this fall - in a recent USA Today poll, 76% of voters said they deserve a spot on the stage. I completely agree. Our political system benefits when we open the conversation instead of closing it - which is why I fought for and the voters passed Open Primaries in California and why I hope the Commission on Presidential Debates will listen to the people and include the Governors." - +Arnold Schwarzenegger

+Libertarian Party +Gov. Gary Johnson

In a follow up to +The Dallas Morning News presidential recommendation, they have chosen to endorse Hillary Clinton.

The DMN claims to choose a candidate based on these pillars of conservatism: individual liberty, free markets, economic conservatism, strong national defense. All of these fit exactly to +Gov. Gary Johnson.

+The Dallas Morning News, If you weren't going to endorse a candidate based off the conservative principles you described, then why not just stick with tradition and recommend Trump? What you have done here is shown you have no integrity. If there is no candidate running that you believe doesn't fit your values, why endorse one at all?

Very disappointing.

I would ask that the DMN reconsider.

Here is the recommendation:

+Libertarian Party 
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