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Quick! Everyone say something extreme for this week's LWN Quote of the Week!
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OpenRISC is the future!
Google+ - where geeks go to be amongst themselves
Oh, wait, you wanted extreme, not obvious...
Sssh +Tom Rini we're not supposed to announce the OpenRISC product yet.
Systemd is great actually. It reminded me of my love for hardware debuggers, which are my preferred means of debugging Linux init problems these days. As the software stack gets more and more complex, it gets harder to understand how it fits together. But nothing can hide from my hardware debugger, properly configured with cunning gdb macros to retrieve userspace data directly from examining the kernel's data structures. Linus may dislike debuggers, but I think they're really the best solution in this case.
Device Tree is the solution. What was the problem?
Sigh. I came in here hoping to solve my QOTW problem (kernel folks have been boring again this week), but came away disappointed. That's all the better you folks can do? Maybe I'll just have to pick something random from the 167-patch 3.2 stable review series...
I think Jon should quote what he just said ;)
I believe that we should move systemd and set to Ring 1. This will be the first step in implementing Unix the way it should have been.. Multics. When the OS boots up it should have Lennart saying "My name is Lennart, and I pronounce Loltics, Loltics". I think if we are clearer on this goal most of the feuding over init daemons can be done away. [Next up world peace... in 3 daemons and a bash script.]
That's a pretty good attempt at a QOTW.
"systemd for world peace"? Well. Even if systemd is good there are some implementation details to work out still. Will it be doable for the next release?
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