The power of a smile and patience.

OK so a bit of an unusual 'whatever works' here, but one I think we can all do with reminding ourselves on and adopting more frequently.

Using a smile and having patience will generally get a better result if you have a problem you need to take up with someone or a company.

I have been the angry/grumpy customer as well as having been on the receiving end too in previous jobs.

But a long time ago I learnt, being shouty and demanding rarely gets you very far.

In those situations where I have been on the receiving end, 99% of the time those polite customers got a better resolution than those 'angry/shouty' ones. Primarily because a bit of common decency was shown and I returned that by offering a good resolution.

I have too found that I could negotiate a deal and solve issues I have had by playing the nice guy. Politely asking how can we resolve this rather than demanding a solution from the company in question.

A lot of it comes down to respect and treating others how you like to be treated.

We can all be guilty of getting aggravated and frustrated but its one to remember to be nice as often you will get a better result.

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