Multipurpose gloves. Working out at £3.33 per pair I have been really impressed with these gloves.

I am no mechanic nor Alan Titchmarsh, but I bought these to use around the garden and doing odd DIY jobs where your hands tend to fall victim or you want a bit of extra protection.

They are a lovely tight fit and it allows you do actually move your hand and fingers properly unlike some gardening gloves that are too big.

They are not designed for gardening, they are not waterpoof, but I have found them really useful for moving the lawn, cutting hedges, a bit of weeding etc. The bramble spikes will go through them but average jobs no problem.

I have been using for 6+ months now, over the summer etc.

They fit to the wrist tight so no dirt gets in, they give that extra grip on tools and made my job easier when changing a lightbulb in a dirty engine bay.

I have also found my hands not to sweat in them either they are breathable.

Subject to usage I think you can get a reasonable life of 6-12 months out of each pair. So far I am still on my first pair of the 3.

If you after some general purpose gloves that fit well and offer grip and movement in the fingers when doing jobs outdoors these are worth a look in.
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