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Jon Love
Technology and gadget lover with a taste for the finer things in life
Technology and gadget lover with a taste for the finer things in life

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Whilst not the most exciting product, this is perhaps for me has actually been the best technology product I have ever bought!

Yes, I rate this above all the smartphones, tv's, Sonos speakers, laptops etc I have ever owned.

It is not the most exciting but for what it does, it is just fantastic. It just works and for the money I have no reason to grumble.

What is it? The Fujitsu Image Scanner ScanSnap iX500.

Now a slight disclaimer here is that I am not nor have not used this to it's fullest. There are countless features that it has so I am no product guru, but I purchased this to achieve a couple of specific goals and wow it does just that.

My aim was to take all the paper in my life and electronically store it.

I am a premium subscriber to Evernote and have been for a few years. For me I am happy with what I get for the money. I have various notebooks within it for work and personal items.

I wanted to get all that boring paperwork into Evernote. Be that from household bills through to other important documentation. This scanner does it incredibly well.

In short the iX500 can scan single or double-sided documents super quick. It takes about 2 seconds per sheet of A4 paper and from this you can do a whole variety of things with that scanned content.

You can save scans as .pdf's or JPG's, set it to complete OCR, change the file size and quality, set it to ignore blank pages, enhance elements and lots more.

As you can imagine I have it set to scan and import directly into Evernote.

It connects either via USB or via WiFi and can scan and import documents into Evernote within a matter of seconds. Those documents are then searchable thanks to OCR, so that when I am next looking for my latest utility bill all I need search for are any details that could be on that document, if I do not want to navigate through the notebooks within Evernote.

With a simple flick of a button in the ScanSnap software, you can have it save files to your computers document folder if you wish, or to your smartphone.

I recently decided to digitize some childhood photos from back in the day when you printed pictures. OK a scan of a print is not ideal but it served the purpose. Within just a couple of hours I had over 1000 photos scanned into my PC. Imagine doing that on flatbed scanner with no automatic document feeder. I must add how impressed I was with the quality given it was a scan of a printed image, many of which had a gloss finish.

There is an automatic feeder mechanism so you can have multiple documents in the tray and scanned at once of you can complete one by one, depending on your preferences.

If it jams, one button gives access to the jammed paper and easily remove it.

I have been using for about a year now and have had no issues with it.

It is far from exciting, but what makes this so great is that it was simple to setup and configure and has made boring tasks easier.

Helped for me by the OCR and search in Evernote particularly your potential use case may well be different, but many advantages can come from it.

Work in an office? Want a digital copy of all those paper invoices or worksheets you complete. Consider it done.

You are looking at around £350 so it is not cheap and appeals more to business users, but this likely has a usable life of 10 years which I consider good value.

There are some videos online showing it in action with more hands on detail etc.

For anyone wanting to do away with paper or if nothing else have a digital copy this is worthy of consideration.

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Are you the one that your friends and family come to when they have a question about smartphones and other technology?

Do you always know the answer or do you have to look it up?

What problems do you find when providing that tech support?

Are people surprised at what their phones can do?

I would be extremely grateful if you could take no more than 2 minutes to complete our survey to help us better understand what questions people come to you with and how you help them.

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For anyone interested in some real world #blackberrypriv photos & then take a look at some of these I have taken. No arty creativity, just a bloke taking pictures of everday things.
34 Photos - View album

So after 1 week with the BlackBerry Priv here are my thoughts and initial opinions. Do bear in mind that I am moving to the Priv from the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact.

Starting with the bad.

The device can get quite hot. Not dangerously so, but hotter than one would like or expect. This was first noticeable on initial setup as all my apps etc were downloading, but also when used in the car for navigation whilst being charged.  It is the back of the phone that gets hot and not the front.

I have noticed the odd bit of lag which is frustrating given this has 3gb of ram.

The notification drawer can be a bit buggy, particularly if accessing blackberry hub.  You appear to have to click things twice to react or sometimes not at all.

I changed my email sync frequency to never on the belief that I would be able to refresh the account as and when I wanted rather than push or a times sync.  This does not appear to work properly and the only way to get around this is to flick a switch to turn email sync off completely but then clicking refresh means no emails sync.  Really looking to be able to downloading email when I want but that does not appear to work properly.

Intermittently the camera detects the memory card and asks if I wish to save files here. The memory card is the chosen storage location already and there appears to be no pattern when this happens.  The card is brand new.

Within the settings image stabilisation for the camera only seems available with certain resolutions, 1080p at 60fps is not one, why?

As for the size yes it is big and bulky but I am getting used to it. Can't really use 1 handed.

So to the good.

This thing is solid and feels really well built.  The slider moves perfectly with no wobble and offers a satisfying click and click when open and closed.

It is grippy, the back cover feels almost tacky but stops this thing sliding away from you.

The screen is bright and the dual edge is nice. Nice smooth silky feel to the display. The edge does not affect the experience and the productivity tab that can be accessed is useful.

The keyboard is smaller than I would like but I am getting used to it and it is at present about 60/40 split in favour of the touchscreen when typing.  Sometimes it is a case of just remembering it is even there. I find the shift and alt keys the wrong was round in my opinion for what is natural.

I think BlackBerry have done a pretty decent job on an installation of android given it is their first attempt. Lots of settings options and features such as flip to mute are a nice touch that suit the professional and the consumer.

There is no proper gallery app installed out of the box so Google photos is a must.

The single speaker is loud and clear and the headphone jack on the bottom is ideally placed.

Call quality is good even when through the loudspeaker.

The camera is good but not the best. What more testing is needed auto her seems to be the way to go me.

Battery life is comparable for me compared to my compact. A few more weeks before I can really tell as so far the battery has not been under normal conditions.

So that's a few of my thoughts. I could talk for a long while on this device and I believe although I still need to learn to get the most out of this I will keep it.

#blackberry #blackberrypriv #privbyblackberry #android #keyboard 

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Recent rumors and hands on photos have gotten me thinking.

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This looks pretty awesome. #blackberry   #blackberryvenice   #android  

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Pretty good some of these.

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Had you hoped that the #note5  would come to the UK & Europe?

If you are disappointed by the news that came out yesterday, why not sign this appeal in the hope Samsung will listen to you and I, the users of their products. 


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UPDATE: OK package received.  Unusually a neighbor was in and accepted the delivery.  Sorry for accusing  HDNL this time. Does not really change my view of them but package received.

#hdnl  or as I prefer to call them 'Help Delivery Now Lost' have apparently successfully delivered a package that is about 3 foot long by 2 foot wide to my office at 19:28 this evening.

That is great.  But, what is particularly interesting is the office and every other on the business park is closed at that time.

So  unless Paul Daniels has taken to working for this company and has magically got the package though a locked, and alarmed front door followed by a 8 foot reinforced steel gate no package has been delivered.

I have the luxury or remote access to the CCTV and there is no package left outside either.

So #hdnl  would you care to explain or better still would you like to explain why you use a courier service that quite frankly are perhaps better at playing hide and seek with peoples packages than delivering them?!

And for those still reading, just for a giggle - - 1.3 out of 10!
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