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Jon Loomer
Digital marketing and social media professional | Jon Loomer Digital Founder
Digital marketing and social media professional | Jon Loomer Digital Founder

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I'm experimenting this week... The Social Media Pubcast is now available via video!

Join Andrew Foxwell and me as we talk about the following:

• Time management
• How entrepreneurs earn time off
• Facebook's latest algorithm update
• Is organic reach REALLY down to 2.6%?
• Is there a Facebook ads bubble?

Sit back... and ENJOY!

#facebookads   #entrepreneur   #entrepreneurship   #marketing   #marketingtips  

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Jon and Andrew experiment with adding a video option for the Pubcast. Grab a beer and join them!

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I know there are a lot of podcasters struggling with ways to promote their podcast to get more listens. Here's the process that I use!

#podcasting #podcast

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Lots of controversy surrounding this latest announcement. I've heard arguments from both sides: 1) Those repeating the same anger about being forced to reach their fans, and 2) Those saying that the user is king and promotional organic posts were crap anyway. You may be surprised I fall somewhat in the middle, though not that close to #1.

What do you think?

#facebookads   #facebookadvertising   #facebookmarketing  

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Was deleting their page really necessary? Lots to dig into here...

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So often we start in the wrong place here, asking what the budget should be without first establishing the goals.

Here is the process I follow and I recommend for determining ads budgeting...

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Pretty big development. You can now create Lookalike Audiences of (target users similar to) your fans, website visitors, mobile app users (based on actions) and conversion pixels. Pretty awesome!

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Are you using the new Facebook campaign structure? Here's a complete step-by-step guide, including both a written and video tutorial -- and a real-world example of how I'm using it!

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Nope, it's not the burying of tabs, which I don't think is a particularly big deal.

Here's an overview of all changes along with the one that I think makes the biggest, positive impact...

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So if Facebook is forcing brands to pay to reach the News Feed, how do you explain these results??
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