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Jon Jackson
A recovering Web Technologist. I read quite a bit, and I write fiction. Scottish born, Buckinghamshire raised.
A recovering Web Technologist. I read quite a bit, and I write fiction. Scottish born, Buckinghamshire raised.

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A collection of my writing on Medium and elsewhere…

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I am INFJ-T. Now What?

A friend encouraged me to take the 16 Personalities test recently. But this isn’t one of those trivial, joke personality quizzes you find doing the rounds on Facebook. It is formally called the “NERIS Type Explorer” test. The theory behind it is based on the research carried out by Carl Jung.

The test took about ten minutes to complete; there were a significant number of questions. Always reassuring to have one’s personality broken down and pulled apart so thoroughly. If you’re going to have something done, have it done right!

“One of Jung’s key contributions was the development of the concept of Introversion and Extraversion — he theorized that each of us falls into one of these two categories, either focusing on the internal world (Introvert) or the outside world (Extravert).”

I’ve always known I was an introvert. Even so, I progressively became more extroverted in my late twenties. Or, rather, I became better at mimicking extrovert behaviour.

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Do You Have An Idea Factory?

They’re pretty disorganised and ramshackle places, but they give me the freedom to think. I have various idea factories. Calling them factories perhaps overstates their complexity, though.

Really, they are simply places that allow me to turn raw materials into finished products. But moving away from the disgustingly industrial analogy, these places let me work in peace with my own thoughts which I slowly turn into pseudo-literary artefacts which I hope one day will be taken seriously as the “real thing”.


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It runs like clockwork. Without fail, between 7:20 and 7:25 each morning, we hear the noise of a rattling door knob. A door will open, and the quiet padding of little feet draws closer to our bedroom as our two-year-old creeps stealthily down the hallway...


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Latest entry on #MusingsOfATechie

I’ve managed to post daily for five days straight now and it seems to be developing into a habit. I may just have to set myself a proper goal soon. Can I keep it going for ten days? a month? Best not to get ahead of myself. If I overthink it there’s a risk I’ll just crumple up and abandon it altogether. Moving on…

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