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Read on to learn why Apple's social media policy might get the company in trouble with the NLRB.
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I saw that. They are really cracking down on everything. Which means there is going to be an issue.
Agreed. I just went to a presentation on social media in employment law, and he talked about how companies, and some lawyers, aren't really aware that the NLRA applies to non unionized work sites.
Jason. That was a point I emphasize time and again. Too many attys are speaking on social media without using it themselves. 
Saw a social media speaker who was not on LinkedIn, did not blog, and only had 35 or so tweets with that many followers. Shameful that people hold themselves out as experts and don't have any hands-on experience with their topic. Then again, this information is easy to find out, and conferences should also take responsibility for vetting their speakers to make sure they have the bones to back up what they are saying.
The guy who did this presentation said "i joined twitter a few months ago and haven't really used it/figured it out yet." He has 20 followers. Also had no idea that Apple's stuff leaked.
Its not rocket science, but people have come up to me afterwards and thank me for such a "common sense" approach to social media. My basic take: Social media is here to stay. Don't ignore it and don't try to control everything about it because you can't.
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