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Jon Hyman
A provider of proactive employment law services to solve businesses's workforce problems.
A provider of proactive employment law services to solve businesses's workforce problems.

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The 8th nominee for the “worst employer of 2017” is … the cancerous boss
“Jon, you write a management-side blog. Why are you running a contest to find the worst employer of 2017?” Because of employers like this one (via Courthouse News): Plaintiff was diagnosed with kidney cancer and required immediate surgery to remove the tumo...

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SCOTUS takes largely meaningless swipe at Obama’s NLRB legacy
Lafe Solomon There is little doubt that under President Obama, the NLRB reinvented itself into an agency about which all employers must pay attention . One can trace much of this reinvention back to Lafe Solomon ( a man with whom I once shared an NRP microp...

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EEOC offers sage advice on following checklists for harassment compliance
Last June, the EEOC issued a comprehensive, bi-partisan report on harassment in the workplace . The report’s stated purpose was to “reboot workplace harassment prevention efforts” by focusing on efforts employers can take “in designing effective anti-harass...

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Swapping DNA for lower insurance costs is one wellness step too far
It is no secret that health care costs for employers and their employees are out of control. Many employers have attempted to hold down these rising costs by offering wellness-program incentives. The EEOC has signed off on these programs as legal as long as...

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WIRTW #453 (the “Oxford comma” edition)
Who knew that the l’il ol’ Oxford comma was so controversial? I would have never dreamed that yesterday’s post on the importance of its omission in a wage/statute would generate so much feedback, or that people feel so passionately about its use or non-use....

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For want of an Oxford comma
Vampire Weekend once asked , “Who gives a f__k about an Oxford comma?” The answer, apparently, is the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals, a whole lot. In O’Connon v. Oakhurt Dairy [pdf] , that court reversed the dismissal of an overtime lawsuit based on the absen...

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The 11th Circuit’s odd LGBT-discrimination decision
Late last week, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, in Evans v. Georgia Regional Hosp. [pdf] , held that Title VII does not protect sexual-orientation discrimination per se , and that to sufficiently plead such a cause of action under Title VII, one must all...

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Inclement weather policies should prioritize safety over productivity
Snow day! Norah went to bed with PJs on backwards last night (and received her wish; now please use your time wisely to work on homework). Donovan is going to be pissed because tonight’s Mathmagic night at school (which he was really  looking forward to) wi...

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The 7th nominee for the “worst employer of 2017” is … the “trump"ed up termination
Last Friday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions asked for the resignation of 46 U.S. attorneys . Those that refused have been fired. The fact that the current administration is cleaning its Justice Department house by turning over personnel appointed by the pri...

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WIRTW #452 (the “coffee house” edition)
Do you like acoustic guitar, Green Day, and a 10-year-old girl that is way too cool to be my daughter combining the two? If so, then this video , recorded last week at my kids’ school, is for you. Here’s what I read this week: Discrimination Is Siri a victi...
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