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This explains the design of the Samsung Galaxy S3 quite well. I think Samsung has done a good job with the design.
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Sticking to that definition.. no its nit a rectangle. But "a rectangular product shape with all four corners uniformly rounded" I think is a perfectly acceptable description. They acknowledge a rectangle has 4 90° corners but state that they have been rounded equally.
I wonder if they should have gone with a design like the Mint credit card, three corners equal. :D
lol :D

I still think Samsung has done one fine job with design. I like it, but don't love it. As much as I like the HTC One X design, but don't love it. I still think they should have done a black model, and see if Apple complains. The Galaxy Nexus was black after all.
Oh no! Poor +Boston Mess ! You're screwed!

They patented, copyrighted and trademarked God™

I do believe that letter dropping on your doormat may have an Apple logo on it... I'd suggest opening it sharpish.
I agree +Melanie Wooffindin - even though I graduated across from the 5" Dell Streak, the Samsung Galaxy Note somehow feels so much smaller. I love the S-Pen and really would miss that feature if I had to lose it.
I never laughed. That was a snigger at your obliviousness to the fact that Apple are currently planning to fix you as the rear end of a Human CentIPAD...
I think one day, Apple will take over the world. They will plug everyone into an Apple network, and we all become a part of a collective consciousness known as the iCloud. We will never think for ourselves ever again, never innovate, our goal will be to assimilate new technology.

We are the iBorg... resistance is futile!
+Boston Mess ... they don't need you alive... provided you're not too full of rigor mortis you will suffice for their experiments.
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