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What new printers are on the horizon that you're excited about?

Anything that's making you lie awake at night thinking "wow, this is going to be great!"?

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Rather pleasantly surprised by this, given that it featured two "dangerous" options for movies - teen geniuses and a "found footage" filming style. The actors do well with their roles and there are quite a few genuinely funny one-liners. The found footage style is still odd (seriously, no one films this much of their life, and there's a lot of convenient camera positioning and holding), but it manages to be unobtrusive.

There are no great surprises in the plot, we can all say how it's going to pan out, and the second act goes on a bit with some unnecessarily long sequences that could easily have been happy on the cutting room floor, but it was really a lot better than I'd expected. 

Ladybird book id. Sorry if this is a little off message, but I'm desperate to find this book and I thought that 59,000 odd captive writers were probably a good bunch to ask.

My partner has very fond memories of a Ladybird book on garden birds, specifically the one that has a drawing of a bird stealing jewellery from a dressing table. Can't be sure about the bird, it should probably be a magpie but it may have been a rook or raven, etc.

It's her birthday coming up and I'd really like to try and track down a copy for her, but I'm struggling to identify the right one. "Birds and How They Live" looked like a good contender but I asked on eBay seller and they said that image is not in it, so that seems not to be the one. Anyone got any ideas, or better yet can positively identify the title?

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Hopefully not a problem posting this here - there's half a million photographers who might read it! Anyone at Sissinghurst Castle, Kent, UK, in September 2015?

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Well, I'm never printing in FDM again...
My Form 2 arrived yesterday and the first print off the bed was this - the Adalina Dragon. This is just 70mm high (the coin is a UK pound), so this thing is tiny and the detail is simply incredible. Parts of the wings are paper thin, the horns razor sharp, the tail is beautifully detailed with scales, even though it's only 2mm or so wide, and you can clearly see the toenails on the claws and, of course, the whole thing is completely smooth.

OK, FDM is still useful for certain applications, but I'm honestly shocked at how good this print is and it's going to be very difficult to look at my FDM machines in the same light from now on.
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Using just the turntable from a BQ 3D Scanner
I picked up one of these scanners when they were dirt cheap a while back but could never get good results. I now want to use the turntable for another project. All I need is a way for an Arduino Uno to start, rotate and stop the turntable; one speed is fine (as long as I can adjust it in code).

The scanner came with a shield with what I presume is some kind of motor controller (see photo). Do I need this or could I control the motor directly? The four wires in the photo are from the motor, and when in use for the scanner, it ran off the arduino power (i.e. no separate power source).

The software for the whole scanner setup is apparently on github, but I can't make head or tail of it...

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Who can be the first to reveal what the big announcement is? And then who can be the first to tell me when it'll be available to order in the UK?

After 25 years of trying to get my partner to read fiction (any fiction) she stunned me the other day by saying that she'd downloaded and was really enjoying The Handmaid's Tale . Her argument against reading fiction has always been that there are too many non-fiction books - facts - to read; her reading is as prolific as mine, it's just that they've always been non-fiction (mostly history).

Given that there's been this breakthrough, I'm keen to try and promote the cause of fiction, and since technically THT is SF, and my partner is a keen TV/Film SF fan, it'd be good if the path taken was down the SF route.

However, we can't leap straight into all 9 million pages of The Naked God trilogy, and I know she won't enjoy any hard SF, so what to recommend? I've already suggested Children of Men as she's seen the film and enjoyed it, but what else would follow nicely from The Handmaid's Tale ?

UK Yellow Magic 7 Supplier I'm looking to use Bradley Systems' Yellow Magic 7 cleaner instead of IPA for cleaning SLA prints but am having no luck at all finding a distributor in the UK (or EU). Bradley will ship from the US but the shipping costs are silly. Has anyone found a supplier this side of the pond?

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My scale (1/10th) model of a UK "K6" telephone box, painted and fitted at a local model village here in Dorset. The model includes the crown detail, the handle and the interior parts (printed in black). The "telephone" labels and interior posters were added by the staff, along with thin polycarbonate sheets to form the "glass" for the windows.

Took about 5 days to model on and off, then 27 hours to print, using Spoolworks Edge "Phoneboxred" (of course) although it's been sealed and painted. Prusa i3 Mk2.
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