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Unboxing and first impressions of the ASUS Zenbook UX31. Summary: like!
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Jin Y
That's a nice looking MBA!
+Jin Y I haven't spent time with an MBA to compare. It's definitely well constructed. I think this could be for Windows development than an MBA since it has a higher screen resolution (1600x900) and the keyboard has all the standard Windows keys. One downside is that the keys aren't lighted. See Dave's review (linked from my post) since he's used an MBA for the past year.
+Alan Stevens We got to request an Intel Ultrabook from a list:

To the best of my knowledge, the offer wasn't from ASUS but from Intel.

I did shop around a lot to compare the Ultrabook options (explained 2nd or 3rd paragraph of my blog post) and selected the Zenbook. Second runner for me was the Lenovo Ideabook, but as a dev machine I really wanted the higher screen resolution (also mentioned in my post).
+Alan Stevens Sure, understand. I should have been more clear in the post that this wasn't just an ASUS promotion and some shopping around was involved. I do think it takes some work to change preconceptions about the laptop market - I'd written the small form factor Windows laptops off as underpowered netbooks.
+Alan Stevens I was specifically told that Intel wants us to be honest, even if that isn't favorable. If I can't get used to the keyboard, they're okay with me saying that I ultimately went back to my Air (hope I don't have to). So, these shouldn't turn out like the typical review posts where someone gets something nice and then is compelled to sugarcoat any issues.
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