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I'm currently working on creating a Digital Textbook of the English 12 course with the UMN OpenTextbook Project. I've completed the first unit of the course in a teacher version for their feedback. Once that goes into their system and we have a workflow then we'll finish the course and make a student version as well. I think that and the LMS version will compliment each other nicely.

The book removes some of the text resources used because it would just be too long to include the novels, plays and myths that the course uses and they're readily available in multiple file formats in the course.

LMS Version:
Textbook Version Draft:

I also created a Moodle specific version to leverage modules like Book and Lesson as well. It's my hope that at some point we can get many of our courses in these multiple formats.

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TIES Presentations from MPCC people.
The MPCC will be well represented at the upcoming TIES Technology Conference December 10 - 13, 2016 in Minneapolis ( See the document below for details about pre-conference workshops and sessions where you can learn more about Minnesota's Digital Curriculum!

Hi, Jon Fila here. I teach English, train teachers, write curriculum and focus on Open Educational Resources, copyright, accessibility and equity.

I've facilitated a few MPCC courses, written for English 12 and teach the English 12 course for Northern Star Online. I'm also in the process of putting together the English 12 material into a textbook for a pilot project with the University of MN's OpenTextbook Project.

I feel like I should say something here since people took the time to add me to a circle...What did everyone think of the latest issue of Thor? Who do you think she is?

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Playing Nice with Other LMS
Despite what you may gather from many of my posts about Moodle superiority in the LMS market, I do learn and try to play nice with other systems. Because I'm primarily concerned with sharing high quality content I thought I'd share this with anyone outside ...

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My initial thoughts on how to achieve Standards Based Grading in #Moodle

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Using Moodle for Standards Based Grading
Apparently some LMS out there is touting their ability to handle Standards Based Grading and some people were asking me about doing that in Moodle. Just to be clear, I don't actually have my courses set up for that so what I'm about to share is a demo versi...

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This is what I have to say about that...

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Feedback Loops, User Data, Personalization and Why Moodle Matters
There is more research every year about the importance of feedback; making it instant, providing it often, allowing for more than just data on if a response is right or wrong. We have the tools to integrate these kinds of responses into just about every sys...

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