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You may have noticed that Ron Paul is trending on G+ now. Wondering if maybe he, like, died or something, I clicked to see what the fuss was about. What followed was a stream of news posts saying he "suspended his campaign" mixed with caps-lock-heavy posts from his supporters pointing to news of his campaign suspension as a "big media conspiracy." All on Google+.

In related news, irony died today.
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The issue is this.. Ron Paul does not want to waste his money on campaigning for beauty contest votes when he doesn't have the money to overtake the MSM/Romney/GOP Old Guard.

His goal is to win the nomination, which does not require competing in the beauty contests. And he's thrifty and does not want to waste his supporters donations. So he will continue on the delegate strategy.

What Ron Paul supporters are getting angry with, is as usual the MSM is erroniously stating the Ron Paul is suspending his campaign. Nothing could be further from the truth of what the MSM is trying to portray.

Ron Paul is in it to win it, knows how to do it on the cheap, and this is what the MSM does not want the average drone to know.

They [the MSM and GOP] will continue to stick their head in the sand and hope that the average Joe will do so as well - this is their only strategy because everything else they've done to sweep Ron Paul under the rug has failed. Not gonna work, and RP supporters will continue to do all they can to inform the mis-informed public.
Yeah, there's a counter-narrative describing how Paul was closing on Romney in a convention delegate count, which isn't entirely as loony as it sounds. Using the Byzantine rules for electing primary/caucus GOP convention delegates and a whole lot of patience, Paul's ground game has amassed a respectable chunk of delegates. This is not a bad strategy. Often times, delegates are selected by local party officials AFTER the primaries or caucuses are complete. Paul supporters have been stacking these meetings with their people, so the delegate pool is filled with folks who will either vote for Paul at the convention legitimately or quasi-legitimately (delegates are not necessarily bound to vote for the candidate decided upon by majority in their primary or caucus...) If it sounds anti-democratic, then, yeah, it is. Welcome to the Republican Party.
I think Poe's Law just threw up on my G+.
Here's a barf bag. The game is this: Ron Paul won't poison the well for his far more psychotic progeny, Rand Paul. The delegate puffery and buffoonery will only serve as leverage for the wing-nuttier elements of the GOP in 2016. This is pure positioning and posturing. Ain't a game in this game.
@Jansen Johns Least you forget, we area Republic not a Democracy. Democracies are mob rule, Republics have these processes in place to protect the people from the mob.
I'm still trying to figure out whom this Jansen fellow is. Matty, you're a lark. How many Rondroid buddies do you have, Jon?
+Jasen Johns NONE. They just... showed up here. Like, just now. Probably because this got thrown in the trend stream. Hence my comment about Poe's Law (which, in hindsight, I realize you probably assumed was directed at you. It wasn't. Not that I don't enjoy a good Jasen-parodying-Jasen every now and then).
Oof. Our princess is in another castle...
... also, these guys are just the useful idiots I'd imagined them to be.
The reasonable half of me wants to close the thread so I won't get pages of word-vomit searchable to me in the time it takes me to drive home and then go for a jog, but the half that's all full of schadenfreude (and maybe a bit of masochism) wants to leave it open just to see what happens.

Ed: oh, apparently I got one that didn't even make it through the spam filter, too. Congrats to that individual on failing a Turing test, I suppose.
For the father, nothing. For the son, well... (rand) PAUL MUAD'DIB sounds like just the messianic zealotry this here DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC needs, yo!
My god. How completely weird do you have to be to show up to a stranger's G+ feed and "share" your opposing ideology? And then not even have the decency to continue the conversation? It was just a drive-by commenting. How pointless. I will never understand Libertarians. 
This is 2 days old and it was a public post. If you're offended by other people's ideas you shouldn't be blurting this out across the web. Especially when they are false.
Actually you're the troll in this case. Presenting false information, egging on people in the thread, talking about throwing up and vomiting. Now that's sounds like a troll.
Oh wow, that comeback was about as trite and predictable as your pseudonym. Anyway, since you clearly want to continue believing that "freedom of speech" means "carte blanche to be an asshole" I'll feed your little persecution complex and block you now. Have a nice day!
Sorry Jon. I didn't mean to bring more of them. But I have to say, guys like that make it hard to have a reasoned, intelligent debate about opposing ideology. 
Correction, Samantha, we're hoping to lure them into this dark alley and mug them, stealing all of the little gold coins they've hoarded in their Ron Paul piggy banks. Or, at least we can fleece them of their comedy gold...
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