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How it feels trying to get a build through QA.

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Write better code and we wouldn't have to send it back to you so often! :-)
I will spend my life trying to best the most worthy of foes!
LOL, i would be annoyed if that happened to me!!
Release the product after layoffs. They're usually the first to go.
I hear Apple are releasing a version of this in white with more rounded corners called iUseless.  Apparently they have 6,000,000 pre-orders already.
Love this one . Thanks for great post
does it just do that ...thats cool and fun
the epic battle of yes and no
the new google comments rules. They say I can undo it and go back to the way it was then they take it back and lock me up till I accept the google changes.  phooey!
Ellie H
I love these types of machines!
Idk why, but I just want one of these.
What do you want. Ps not in a bad whay
What do you want. Ps not in a bad whay
What do you want. Ps not in a bad whay
To remove battery : Must turn on switch !  : ) 
dang dude lay off thats just harsh
Hay jack you awake 
Me wanting some and the wife cutting me off......
a true paradox. the machine is built for the sole purpose to turn itself off
This would either drive me insane or teach me patience. Clever and funny. 
This reminds me of the useless lever in minecraft :D
lol. feels like shuting down my computer.   :)  thanks
i think ; system says " dont open " some accept new era changes Man can fight & tired ................but machinery not..............
i would never get bored of this invention
I saw something like this in a voting booth for presidential election. its triggered when you vote against Obama.
Hagaha. Reminds me of my grandfathers logic jokes. 
This provided a much needed brake from calculus-based physics homework...thanks for the laugh!
I would love to have this when im alone :)
lol! a real useless box.haha
This is the PERFECT time killer! Serves absolutely no purpose and is sooooo entertaining!!
where can you buy this from? 
Makes me think about whats going on in USA politics right now...
Only if your build is so bad QA has to reject it time and time again... 
Oscar U
How republicans and democrats prepare for following work day...
Oscar U
I dont have the box but i do have the tool to fix it,called a sledge hammer....
store your passports in this box. (oh yes Doh!... how do you put things in this box in the first place?)
You don't, it's called the useless box, purely for entertainment purposes 
I need this box I just wanna press that button over and over. 
I wonna be close to that box. Wow ! I like it.

That is damn funny, but alas so so true:)
so irritating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hahaha I want this box :p
what do we spend £200000 machine that turns it's self off 
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I did.
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Jim T
I think QA is trying to tell you your design sucks.  Move the toggle switch back an inch!
I want that.... >_< It would be highly entertaining for my small mind. xD
I could quite easily spend hours using this
I have box like this and snake comes out from that :)
I've seen this before. so much want!
Thats a good example of the American public voting for someone in office and the government stealing and changing your vote in favor of a corporate appointee. That my friends is a voting machine.
whats this guy trying to prove lmao

I Would buy it
Seen this before, but it always brings a smile to my face :)
hahahahahahahah awesome............ (Y)
I love it. Also reminds me of dealing with government bureaucracies!
there are sooooo many machines like that one. Ive seen kids build machines that do that.
Reminds me of some conversations
Just goes to show you how automated testing is better than human testing :)
I want one - it is SO much like life........
I'm sure theres a use for the useless box.....but it currently escapes me!
I would throw the box across the room, because it wouldn't let me flip the switch!!!
Goodbye world. I'll be spending the rest of my life finding and using one of these.
I LOVE THAT!! i feel like that all the time
i know that QA are to annoying....sometime...even if i am one...
Patent it and sell it You'll make a fortune !!!'
Just the Useless Machine in Minecraft! :P
Cool, new solitair game. Fit a rubber finger over the piston. :-)
That was the most dumbest thing I have ever seen man and that's shit you jack ass 
what a great machine! ( I have a sense of humour)
the tautology machine...your turning  it on  turns it off. The on setting is the off setting.
"on" is "off"... should make it that "Off" is "on" too....
The Logic of Identity
Numerical identity can be characterised, as just done, as the relation everything has to itself and to nothing else. But this is circular, since “nothing else” just means “no numerically non-identical thing”. It can be defined, equally circularly (because quantifying over all equivalence relations including itself), as the smallest equivalence relation (an equivalence relation being one which is reflexive, symmetric and transitive, for example, having the same shape). Other circular definitions are available
The point is that you always win. The battery has to give in soon or later :-)
Void YT
lol. great machine. 
I thought there was a cat in the box at first until they zoom in on it
Oscar U
Best gift for an ex wife here u go honey for all our good times merry xmas...
I wanna have it.... yay...!!!! where I can find that one?
+Oscar Uicab best gift for an "ex" is an empty jewelry box w/ an empty candy wrap inside it:-)
If you stop writing bugs in the code, we'll stop finding them. Just sayin'!
my trip is so ossam when i watch these usleesss boxxx
that's the point, the box itself tells you that it is a useless box, besides it is engraved on it XD
It feels like a great deal with the same as above the ground and a half hour or two because it's feeling soft and the other hand and it's fells soft
My god... The first step to a new future is UPON US REJOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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