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Jon F Hancock
I'm a father, husband, Christian, Android Developer, Doctor Who fan and all around geek.
I'm a father, husband, Christian, Android Developer, Doctor Who fan and all around geek.

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Hey plussers! I have a chance to be a late selection for Droidcon Boston. They're letting Twitter decide on who gets the slot. If you would be so kind, I would really appreciate a like and retweet of this tweet:

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I see so many RecyclerView implementations that could be so much better. I wrote up a blog post on one way to improve them with smarter ViewHolders.

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We bought a Kindle Fire 7 with a case, and a pair of bluetooth headphones for each of our kids.
Tablet - $50
Headphones - $20
Case - $8
So $78 each. I can't believe that Amazon can sell these devices for $50. They're decent little tablets! Crazy.

Pretty cool. With Amazon's family shared library, I can buy an app once, and enable it for the kids pretty easily. Enable minecraft for the older three, but disable it for the baby.

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Watch for us in the bubble run!

I just saw +Luke Wallace on the I/O live stream

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This weekend, we decided to make ourselves a nice headboard because we couldn't find anything we really liked for a reasonable price.

We went to IKEA and got two acacia shelves:
And two acacia crates for slats

Then built what you see below!

The whole project took about 3 hours, and cost around $110.

If you're an Android developer, and you want your screen to stay always on while you are debugging, but not while plugged in on your nightstand, start this issue.

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Mr. 2 is waiting for the pizza delivery guy.

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Unit testing Android Loaders is easy, who knew?

Following the excellent article by +Ian Lake on Android's Loader framework, I decided to write a brief post about unit testing loaders.

Turns out, its not so complicated.
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