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What will be our new Gin Lane / Television? Is YouTube / Netflix really the substitute?
Gibson suggested simstim. I wonder if it might be more like Ingress.
Kurt Vonnegut's Player Piano comes to mind.
I find that Ingress is too much like work and not enough like vegetating.
Maybe something more like Instagram?
Before this happen government should built farm system to feed the unemployed free food, where robot, plant maintain, qualify, cook and serve, also robot fix robot. For free
You raise a good point - AR games need a "spectator mode" if they're ever to go truly mainstream.
and call centers will be replaced by Siri.  lol.
The pursuit of ever higher profits by the most wealthy will never stop, if it's not automation it's outsourcing to cheaper and cheaper workforces (for example India is now becoming less competitive as wages increase so jobs are moving away to cheaper locations). Problem is it's a self destructive short term model, as most companies think they're being unique when doing this, driving out wage earners in their target market until no one can afford to buy anymore.

Since the dawn of the industrial revolution we've been heading down this path, and it will never change.
+Jon Evans I think your article had hit the nail on the head for how I've been thinking for a while now. Good read. Thanks.
Mainstream economists are just coming round to the idea that economic growth cannot continue indefinitely and technology will eventually make all jobs redundant. Martin Ford's book 'The lights in the tunnel' first talked about this.
All of this loser talk is making me realize I don't have that hard of competition in the workplace. People need to adopt to the ever changing economy, it doesn't matter what decade it is.
+Michelle Li I know - we've actually traded HIghlander-esque "There can only be one!" jokes via email. (I understand he's quite a good writer, too.)
Yes Jon thinks g+ sucks and is a mess. 
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