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There are now over 1,000 people who have me in their circles. That blows my freaking mind.

Thanks to the amazingly prolific +Moan Lisa, who shared me in this circle this morning and gave me that last push over the Grand hump.
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+A. Miles Davis, it seems a lot of my friends have landed somewhere in the 3,000-7,000 range. I don't know what's different about me, but I'm not actually making the accrual of followers my explicit goal right now, so whatever. Still, that's a thousand people who get my content on their screens. Whoa.
+Moan Lisa, I tried to add it, but the stupid Google-imposed limit kicked in. I'll try to remember to do it tomorrow.
I pretend most of the people who pay attention to me are spambots (probably 10-20% actually are). I just figured with your music whatnots more people would be paying attention.
Yeah, I consider music my "primary" vocation, but only about 15% of my G+ posts are about my music. That might be part of it. I'm trying to be more vocal about being a singer/songwriter (note the new Youtube videos), and maybe find a few fans, but...

Well, a long while ago, I came to terms with the fact that I may never develop a following. I may never make money from my music. I may never actually get any real validation for what I do. But even if all that were true, I would still do it, and it would still be worth it.
I will be very disappoint if you don't catch that reference, by the by.
I have no clue how many people have me in circles. And I'm not sure I care enough to check right now.

I'm glad you've achieved a goal. (Personally, I'll be more impressed when you announce it's over 1024, just because that's the kind of geek I am.)
I appear to be stalled for the moment at 1,009, but I'll let you know the very moment I cross that 2^10 threshold, +Julia Thompson.
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