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Making it easier to move, download, and upload your Google+ photos

Over the past few weeks, it’s been a blast to hear what you think of the new Google+ Photos. We’re excited about the ways people are using Auto Awesome, Highlights, photo search, and other new features. 

You’ve also told us a few ways we can make Google+ Photos even better, so today we’re making some improvements based on your feedback:

- A new “Move” option makes it easy to move photos between albums. Just pick a few photos in an album (or click the new “Select” link to select all of them) and choose where they go. 
- Easier photo downloads. Once you’ve selected photos, use the new “Download” option to save them to your computer. 
- Faster uploading for large sets of photos. We’ve made a few small changes that make adding photos from your desktop an even smoother process. 

We hope this latest set of changes makes managing your photos with Google+ easier than ever. We’ll keep improving Google+ Photos based on your feedback, so please keep it coming. 

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Sean S
A replace option like flickr would be awesome.  
There were times when I created a post with a photo and noticed a mistake and wanted to be able to replace the photo.  
I would love replace too but could see it abused...
Thanks as always for more improvements +Google+ Photos!!!
I thought of something the other day that might be cool.  Download album to Google Drive, or even an option to have this done automatically for all our albums.
Have a great weekend & Happy 2nd Birthday!!!
nice +Jon Emerson 
Small bug : when I upload a Picasa album, #autoawesome  works, but if I add some pics to the  Picasa album later , the autoawesome is not applied when uploaded
Great - when you move photos from one album to another do the plusses & comments move with it?
It's nice to have improvements, but what I'm really missing on Picasaweb and now on Google Photos for years is the ability to organize albums thematicaly into folders and subfolders. I'd really love the ability to make e.g. a folder called "Sunset and sunrise" and be able to create a new album in that folder each time I upload a new batch of sunset photos, 

Right now, organizing pictures on Google Photos is simply a mess. Working with large albums and adding to them is pretty much broken, the ordering and image counts get all wrong when sharing a new batch of photos added to already existing larger albums. So the only solution is to pretty much create a new album for every upload batch, which in turn leaves you with an unmanageable mess of tens (or hundreds, if you are an active photographer) albums.

Also, the ability to share selected photos from a single album would be nice. Right now you can only share a single photo or a whole album. Sure, you can toss a bunch of photo URLs into a single post, but it's not very comfortable for the viewer and you only get a thumbnail for the first of the images.
Photo albums are great but since we accumulate mb of new photos every day. But with this is difficult to search the pics. For example want to see pictures of march 2013 and have to scroll sometimes a lot to get it. How about better searching options like by date, thanks 
oh, thank you ever so much for reinstating the Move ability - finally I can clean up my albums.  This is truly wonderful news.
+Michael B. Stuart yet we can currently edit posts and comments after they've been published. Not sure how having a replace feature for a photo would be more abused...
Great new features!
Futhermore I have still one request: Please bring (back) the map view of a photo album at Google+ Photos. This useful function was (and still is) already present at Picasa web albums.
+Jon Emerson Moving images is nice, but what I really want is keywording and the ability to create albums that automatically include images based on a set of keywords that I specify for the album. I have images that belong in multiple categories and I don't like having to upload the image multiple times. In addition it gets confusing having multiple copies of the image with multiple comment threads. I do appreciate that Google is trying to make things better!
now if they were also available as a folder in Google Drive.....
+Jon Emerson Great stuff. However, please add ability to change the date of an album. It seems like a core feature to omit. I just digitized a bunch of old photos into albums but they all show as recent albums when they're from 10+ years ago. It's a bit frustrating from a user point of view. Thanks :)
+Jon Emerson Rather than bombard you with feature requests, can you point me to where such requests should be directed?
+Michael Bonocore I second your suggestion!
 In case you are not aware, it is currently possible to replace a photo w/o loosing comments and +1s, in a very roundabout way. You open the photo in picasaweb,  right-click on it and choose "Edit in Picasa". It will launch Picasa on the desktop. Edit, or replace the downloaded copy with whatever file you want (I just save over it from within PS,   maintaining the same name), it is in the "Online Edits" folder within the Picasa folder on your local hard drive. Then, inside Picasa (on the desktop), right click on the image and choose "Update Online copy" (or something like this). It will upload the edited file in place to picasaweb, which is the same as Google+. Voila. Not very practical, but works in a pinch for individual photos, like your case.
I like Replace as an option too...  and if you have a little checkmark like +Michael Bonocore , maybe Google could just trust that he won't abuse it...
+Trey Ratcliff why just verified users? Any user can now edit their own posts/comments after they've been published. No difference if you're changing words or photos in a post.
I would love to have a watch folder on my desktop that Google+ checks and uploads from. I enjoy auto-upload but sometimes use my SLR camera which then requires a lot more effort from me to get the photos onto G+. But generally I love what you've done so far. 
Would be good to be able to geo-tag albums.  Can be quite tedious to go through each photo in an album adding the location.  Better yet, it would be good to add an album to a Google+ place, not just geo co-ordinates. 
when will you meet or beat Flickr's 1tb file storage?  if i run out of space then i have no choice but to use flickr...
The face id/tag should be an option rather than part of the work flow. even as a portrait photographer I don't use that it and just press skip; wonder if the landscape people use tag  
CS Chua
The move functionality is not available on the highlights and autobackup. I regularly consolidate photos auto-uploaded from my phone to a single folder. Presently I still need to do a copy and delete from the Auto backup.
Further to this feedback, when will the photo team get to fix the drop marker bug in the geo tagging of photos in G+? This bug is still present ever since geo tagging was made possible in G+ photos.
CS Chua
Another improvement could be in the organise functionality. Now there are three actions for reordering, by date taken, by Name and reverse. In order to sort photos in reverse chronological order when new photos are added to an album you need to order by date taken and then reverse. A one click for reorder of photos will be welcome.
CS Chua
There is now no way to select specific cover photo for an album. Previously when none was selected the latest uploaded photo becomes the cover photo. Now the cover photo of an album which I had left it intentionally to have the latest uploaded photo to be the cover photo is stuck on a photo uploaded in May. 
'Move to' was my most-wanted feature by a longshot. Thanks +Jon Emerson & Co.! Can't wait for it to come to the Android app. That's where it's going to be most useful for me. 
Wat dou think adout the end time be careful
The only reason i dont have any photos on here yet is cos it only gives me the cameras photos to upload on my phone. And im to lazzy to move my photos to the camera folder.
hey, the new limit for free space now is 15gb up from 5gb. I just found that out. now I can upload a larger file from my normal 1600pix.
I like your photo
I'd like to be able to add photos to my google+ from flickr in the same way I can add photos to twitter or wordpress from flickr - with a single click!
How about the ability to sort by photo or videos so you can see a list of only the videos you've uploaded?
There are many comments on jon Emerson
Very good news, but would like to strongly second the call for ability to sort photo albums into folders and the order of photo albums. The photos really does become a mess without that functionality.
شكرا لكم على مجهودكم و اتمنى لكم المزيد من تالق و نريد برنامج من غوغل مثل سكايب
Most importantly:
Allow to determine Google Drive folder as your images folder and it will appear on albums plus.
I can automatically upload from my computer all the images, arrange them, and give my wife permission to edit and add pictures herself.

Possibility of sharing permissions in Google Drive more suitable for the management of shared photo albums especially within a family.

It's simple: a small button on Google Drive will mark a folder as "Folder pictures" - and soon it will appear on Google Plus album.

If you want I will use only Google's cloud - let a good option.
Thank you very much. I am hoping to share a large amount of organized photos with family and circles, but do not want it to count against my limit (because I would quickly go over any such limit). This is also one feature I have been using to sell other people on Google+. "You can quickly upload, arrange and share photos with just the people you want to" - is how I usually start my pitch. Other Google+ features seems to require experience to appreciate.
One of the most important options which was available in Picasa is not available in Google+ Photos. To change the 'resolution' at which the pics are uploaded. My camera is 16MP. If I try uploading a large number of photos, it takes hours together as it uploads them at full resolution? Not sure but it seems like that.  Why can't we select the resolution at which we wish to upload?!
My photos won't upload from my computer like before, so I'm not happy. I select them in that add window. Then they just sit there with the bars never moving. WTF?
Thanks for the continuous improvement.

What would be really good (if it hasn't been implemented lately) is for us to arrange the album order as well as letting us to pick a photo as the album cover.

Because it takes time for me to process the photos of my entire holiday, my holiday albums may be mixed with other ad hoc mobile albums I have created recently and it may be hard for my friends to view my holiday albums in one go. 
+Pieter Roggemans Ah. Thanks for the tips!

Do you by any chance know if we can arrange the order of the albums when others click onto the photo page? That would be really handy. Cheers. 
+Wilfrid Wong I suppose you mean the "Albums" page in the "Photos" section of G+?

If so, the albums are ordered by the "album date" descending, but you can only change the album date at the moment in the "classic" picasaweb layout:

Go to the album you want to move, do "Action"/"Album properties" and there you can change the album date.
Thanks for the Move Feature!  When the dialog box opens to choose the album it would be great to be able to alphabetically sort & search the albums so you can find it without scrolling forever.  

The Highlights screen should have an option that doesn't use / hides the album headers so the visual candy isnt broken up so often.  
CS Chua
+Pieter Roggemans Thanks, I forgot about the blue ribbon. One of those obscure features of Google +, unlike a 'in your face' FB "Make Album Cover" :)
CS Chua
There isn't an organise feature for the album from an event. Can't find a way to change the album cover photo.
When I try to upload photos, the progress bar never moves and nothing happens.  Can someone please help?  What am I doing wrong?  Thanks!
I had same issue with chrome, but worked with Mozilla. Uninstalled chrome and installed again. Now it works most of the time.
+James Howe You can place hashtags inside the legend, no?

+Manish Sahai We can, just it’s a global option. Check out Google+ settings.

+Peter Chan Upload 2048x2048 pixels photo, it’s big enough. Otherwise yes, choose flickr.

+Vance McAlister At left, when you move your mouse under the Google+ logo, you see a left menu. Choose “Send a feedback” and you’re all set.
+Shawn Dickens Thanks, Shawn.  It worked for me with Mozilla too.  It's a shame it doesn't work well with Chrome though.
Yeah, ironic. It did work after installing chrome again
It has stopped again for me, so I'm back to using Firefox to make google+ uploads. You would expect to only be able to upload with Chrome, but not with anything other than Chrome as it is. I guess this is like the new updated Maps app on the phone. A step backwards when trying to go forward.
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