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One-word #keywords account for only 2.8% of all #search! Read more about long tail in the ahrefs study:

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Twitter: Discover ways to improve posting strategies and enhance engagement with #Twitter #Analytics

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Let your fans do the talking with User Generated Content Marketing #UGC #Content #Marketing #ContentMarketing

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Want links from uber relevant, hugh authority sites? Try the "Grapevine Protocol": http://

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Want links on uber relevant, authority sites? Try "The Grapevine Protocol" : #SEO #LinkBuilding #Mentions

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The art of attracting inbound links with content. #SEO #LinkBuilding #Content #Marketing

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Here's a complete guide to creating #infographics that work...

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1. 4 Million profiles in 1 year = the fastest growing social platform ever.

2. Get compensated for your content: tsu pay back 90% of their advertising revenue back to the community. You've been lining the pockets of Zuckerberg and Facebook investors with your content, images, likeness and time for YEARS. Sound fair?

3. True organic reach: Have you set up a Facebook page recently? Probably not as there's no point because you have to pay to reach your page's audience on Facebook. With tsu YOU get paid for marketing your personal brand/business/products/services.

4. Donate to charity: Choose to donate your social revenue to the many verified charities on tsu (should you wish).

5. Peer to peer payments: Send social revenues to other users (should you wish).

6. Built in analytics: Do you get to see how many views, shares, comments, likes you have on both individual posts and cumulatively on Facebook? You do on tsu!

7. Group Monetisation: As the owner of a group you earn monetisation on the groups collective posts and views (as do admins).

8. Active and engaging management and team.

9. Built in gif maker and image editor.

10. It's a whole lotta fun and the community is caring, supportive and positive.

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Anyone know what's happened to +martin shervington​?
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