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Jon Diorio
AdWords Product Management (SEMs, send me a note and I'll add you to my SEM-only update circle)
AdWords Product Management (SEMs, send me a note and I'll add you to my SEM-only update circle)

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#AdWords friends... we are really excited that the Report Editor now provides time comparison functionality.
You can now identify significant shifts in ad performance by comparing two date ranges in the Report Editor. Learn more:
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#AdWords friends... here's a nice New AdWords Reporting 101 video...

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#AdWords friends... here's a great article on why Accelerated Mobile Pages help AdWords advertisers. It's worth the read...

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#AdWords friends who use #Salesforce, we are excited to announce that AdWords Conversion Import for is now available to all advertisers.
AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce is now available to all advertisers.

In June, we introduced AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce, a solution to help measure the value of your AdWords offline conversions, without the need to manually reconcile your AdWords and customer relationship management (CRM) data. Starting today, AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce is available to all advertisers:

Peninsula, an early adopter of AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce, saw an 11% decrease in cost per lead and says, “We now have the ability to easily see the keywords that drive qualified leads. This has allowed us to concentrate efforts in the right areas and make better use of our budget.” Learn more about how Peninsula used AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce to improve ROI across their AdWords ad campaigns:

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#AdWords friends... if you use AdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE), please note that it's time to migrate to AdWords Drafts & Experiments.
Earlier this year we introduced campaign drafts and experiments as a powerful way to test changes to your AdWords campaigns, measure results, and apply the experiments that are working well for your business. Campaign drafts and experiments gives new features and additional flexibility that aren’t available in AdWords Campaign Experiements (ACE) []. To help ensure marketers use the best tool for their testing needs, we’re transitioning all advertisers to campaign drafts and experiments.

Starting the week of October 17th, 2016, new Campaign Experiments can no longer be created. Active Campaign Experiments will continue to run until February 1st, 2017. After this date, all Campaign Experiments will automatically end and all unapplied experimental changes will be removed. To prepare for this update, we recommend you end any active Campaign Experiments before February 2017 and start using campaign drafts and experiments.

You can learn more about campaign drafts and experiments in the AdWords Help Center

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#AdWords friends... I'm terribly excited to say that Campaign Groups and Performance Targets has launched. If you want to reduce the amount of time you spend monitoring and tracking performance against your goals, do go check it out.

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Congratulations to Austin and the Reporting team for the nice new additions to Report Editor.
Report Editor now includes data for labels, video, shopping, and final URLs

Previously we announced the roll out of Report Editor, a powerful reporting tool in AdWords that shows deeper insights with custom tables and charts. Now, Report Editor also includes data for Shopping and video campaigns, as well as labels and final URLs. You can now also easily open your Campaign, Ad group, Ad and Keyword tables by clicking “Open in Report Editor” in the download panel for fast pivoting and charting.

With these updates, you can make thoughtful comparisons like compare how ads labeled “Free shipping” perform against those with the label “20% Off.” You can also find which landing pages have the highest conversion rates and which need improvement.

We’re constantly working to improve Report Editor and will continue to add more data and features (like time comparison) over time. To learn more about how to analyze your data and find insights using Report Editor, please check out our AdWords Help Center

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#AdWords  friends... I'm excited to announce that advertisers running display network campaigns can now use Drafts & Experiments ( to test changes to their campaigns.

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#AdWords  friends... changes in quality score are coming...
Providing more transparent Quality Score reporting

Quality Scores provide an estimate of the quality of your ads and are related to how well your ads perform.

Starting the week of September 12 , 2016, you’ll start seeing null Quality Scores in AdWords when there aren’t enough impressions or clicks to accurately determine a keyword’s Quality Score.

To provide more transparency, null Quality Scores will appear for new keywords, as well as keywords that lack recent click and impression data. Null Quality Scores will be excluded if you use reports or automated rules that include a filter on the Quality Score column. To show null scores, check the new "Include keywords with quality scores of ‘--’ ” option when you set up your rule or filter.

We recommend reviewing your reports, filters, rules and scripts that rely on Quality Scores before September 12th, 2016.

Learn more about Quality Score by visiting the AdWords Help Center

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#AdWords #VideoAds friends... all video metrics are now available in the AdWords Report Editor.
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