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Do I need to save my UW2 settings so that when I reset my watch I just sync the watchface from the phone app?

So I'm in Vancouver and the YTTV app basically doesn't even work. The main screen is blank and even shows that I've legitimately recorded while in Philly are not available to me. Even when turning on my VPN and settings to New Jersey, the app is useless.

Is this expected behavior? I think it's not cool that I cannot access my own recorded content jist because I happen to be traveling.

So I tried to watch a recorded version of The Last Word with Laurence O'Donnell, but the recorded version seems to be overwritten with the on-demand version with preroll ads. However, possibly due to this, the ads aren't playing and the show is all black. No content.

Has anyone else come across this kind of problem with recorded shows?

Why does Google Home think "Cara" is a loud Hispanic gal?

Add a calendar event titled Cara and then ask GH to tell you about your calendar events. So weird.

Here's an interesting dilemma for Assistant: Spelling!

So, I have a cat named Millie, and for the longest time, my shortcuts and IFTTT recipes worked fine when asking Google Home to hear Millie in my requests.

However, recently, my requests stopped working! I checked why and what's happening is that, now, Assistant is hearing "Milly" instead of "Millie." Since the text is not matching, it's not executing.

Adding options in shortcut to hear "Milly" as well has resolved the issue, but I can see this kind of bug confusing a lot of normals as GH continues to go more mainstream. Luckily, things like IFTTT and Shortcuts won't go mainstream anytime soon, so there's time. But... Still.... #MoreWorkToDo

I realize that this is not really in scope for Google Home, but I want to setup a GH in my office at work. However, our guest Wifi uses a captive login which GH does not support. I've tried setting up a windows PC as a wifi hotpot but that has not been reliable. Any ideas? Thx!

Hi! I'm new to Android Wear and UW2. Just got a Fossil Q Explorist and I really like it. But like it much more with UW2 faces!

Two questions:
How can I use an external source to import the official Fossil logo?
How can I make UW2 less of a power hog? My battery review screen says that the display is using up about 60-70% 9f my battery! I've just reduced brightness to 80%, and I did not activate Fit, and I have NO complications on my watch face - just an unread message indicator. I have it going to ambient mode in default time, and I have the wrist-activated enabled full display mode enabled.


Ever since Google Assistant moved to Express to manage the shopping list, I've found that adding multi-word items to the list is a massive FAIL.

For instance, when I try adding, say, "chili-chicken lime burgers" it will typically add 2-4 items in Express, vs. just one multi-word item in Keep.

I would think (and hope!) that Assistant would look for the conjunction "and" before it put multiple items on my list from one command, but sadly, it seems to be very aggressive in adding multiple items.

Does anyone know a way to force Assistant to keep a multi-word item as a single item on my Shopping List in Express? Thanks.

When is YouTube TV scheduled to launch on ATV?

So I have AndroidTV built into my Sony X850C TV. Still love that it's built-in. However, I'm still not able to use Google Home to cast any video content to the TV other than YouTube.

In December, Sony announced support for Google Home casting NetFlix shows to their TVs. But still no word from anyone in terms of availability!

When I ask Google Home to watch Netflix on my TV, it goes through the motions as if it's going to work...then quickly switches to a statement of "You cannot yet send video to AndroidTV. Please use your included AndroidTV remote."

So, clearly Google knows this is a gap, but when will they deliver??
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