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Jon Daggar
I swear to god I'm going back to geocities
I swear to god I'm going back to geocities

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Snowbiking Journal, 2014-15 Season, Day 1: Taft takes Office.

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Down the secret fisherman's path
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Lower Falls Gorge, Rochester
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Trees Scream in Color - Letchworth October 2014
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Wannabe nerds hate Microsoft, or Apple, or Google. Real nerds hate Oracle.

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If you have any vague interest in building your own PC, this site is excellent.  I would love to see this format used for other things-- bicycles, cars, kitchen renovations.

Office is moving, need to networkify the place.  The preixisting cable is in good shape, but I need a router and switches for around 25 ethernet jacks-- ten computers running over rj45, a couple printers, a NAS, and growth space.  And wifi of course.  Considering that I will be keeping the network running on top of my normal job, reliability and simplicity trump performance by an order of magnitude.  I'm considering whether to hive off the wifi AP's from the router.

Any recommendation for good switches and routers?  DD-WRT compatibility is required for routers.

Okay I got my music on a NAS on my home network.  How do I get to those musics over the internet?  (VPN's are not the answer.)

Wow.  Someone is running a huge, internet-wide hack on every major news source about Utah right now.

Begun, the steam sale has.

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Sympathy for the devil: part of why windows sucks isn't MS but terrible, terrible third-party developers.  Like these geniuses whose driver returns a hard-coded TRUE for every support query.
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