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Jon D Hawkins

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I have personally tried some of these over the years and adopting the principle of #7 works best for me.
A seven day plan to stay productive
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Jon D Hawkins

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Who is going into 2015 with the intention of building purposeful relationships?

+Keith Ferrazzi  and +Lewis Howes  discuss How To Build A Powerful Network in this video.

 To get more insight on this grab a copy of his book on Amazon at------
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+Daniel Nelson  Thanks for the   +1 
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Jon D Hawkins

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"The Rock" is indestructible...He got shot in the head twice and didn't die in this movie.  True sign of being the star in a movie when you get to live until the end.
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Here is a great infographic of "A New Breed of Social Media Personalities" shared by +Dennis Seymour .

We are all one of these people!!  Just face it!!

One of my favorite infographics!

Social Media Personalities - Which One Are You?

I'm half Lurker, half Informer. You?

(More here:

#socialmedia   #design  
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+Interactive Concepts  Thanks for the +1
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Don't underestimate the power of useful well written content by utilizing the Expanded Guest Post Formula from  +Bryan Harris .

This episode of the * Traffic Jam Podcast*w/ +James Reynolds   opened my eyes to 3 stategies that could boost traffic to my site. Especially, the strategy on reaching out to people and what to say when you email them.  

#expandedguestpost   #emaillistbuilding   
Bryan Harris shares how to guest blog using the Expanded Guest Formula in order to get more traffic and grow your email list.
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Thanks for the share +Jon D Hawkins ... and keep me updated on how you enjoy BB!
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Jon D Hawkins

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Jon D Hawkins

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Yes.. I agree that "Conflict Avoidance" is a definite key to the erosion of relationships!!!

The "relationship action plan" is not me being purposeful is being real to everyone involved.
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Hi, I have a research assignment for class and need your help.  
Complete this short survey for me related to Higher Education.

Thanks for your support in advance.

#highereducation   #educationresearch  
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One of the ways Google+ is being monitized is by allowing you to promote your post content on the Google Display Network

This post from +G+GoTo Gal  gives us more insight on this. 

Will you be using this for your post?

Reach more people with your Google+ content
Promote your post on the Google Display Network

+Post ads help your content reach new audiences across the web. Now you can turn your post into an interactive display ad with a quick click of a button - simply choose Promote this post from the drop down menu of selected posts on your Google+ page, and you'll be taken to a new page where you can preview what your ad will look like, get the link to promote it or continue directly to AdWords.

I'm not sure why some posts have that options and others don't.. still, this can be a huge resource to local business and any marketer who wants to begin turning conversations into conversions.

And if you wondered how Google will monetize Google+ - this is just one of the ways :)

#postads   #adwords  
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+HUNG NGUYEN VAN  and +316MarketPlace.Com  thanks for the plus ones
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Jon D Hawkins

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Often times, Succes requires you to press your way through.  

Be inspired to press with this video from CT Fletcher
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Jon D Hawkins

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+Ana Hoffman  Gives us the Skinny on the Penguin 3.0 Update, which is
another great example of why you need to "Build Your Own Email List Now!!"  

#peguinupdate   #emaillistbuilding  
Penguin 3.0 Update - the SKINNY

Penguin 3.0 is done rolling out.

What else do we know about this much anticipated (some good, some bad) update?

Here's the Skinny (based on +Jennifer Slegg's post :

International hit first

Penguin rolled out on international Google sites including, and first, instead of rolling out within the US first.

 +Glenn Gabe noticed US starting to roll out on Sunday morning.

Internal pages ranking after homepage removed

This is interesting: there are some reports that homepages for sites have been deindexed, but internal pages are replacing the homepage in the search results.

It is unknown if this is a partial penalty or if it is an issue with a longer roll out of Penguin and eventually those internal pages will be deindexed as well.

301 redirect penalties

Seems like Google is catching on to sites that utilized 301 redirects to get around previous penalties.

Affiliate sites hit hard

Link profiles

Those who stuck with typical link profiles for sites that matched link profiles for sites that were penalized in the last update got hit this time around too.  (see +Glenn Gabe's screenshot below)

Automated ranking & spam link network programs hit

No penalty notices yet


COMMON SENSE: If you got hit, you need to clean up the problems before the next update goes out. 

It's our hope (and speculation) that Penguin will start updating on a more regular cycle now - more like Panda - so if you want to see your site out of Penguin hole, you'd better start digging.

Again, for more visit +Jennifer Slegg's

#penguinupdate   #linkbuilding   #searchengineoptimization  
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"Build Your Own Email List Now!!" - hear, hear, +Jon D Hawkins!
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    Web Developer, 1999 - present
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    Naval Electronics/Electricity/ Avionnics
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I Coach Pastors and Leaders and Business Owners How to Use Wordpress As A Marketing and Management Tool
    I was born and raised in Baltimore,MD and became a technology enthusiast in my early teens by tinkering with different electronic devices along with experiencing the joys of exploring cyberspace with my first computer, which was a Commodore64.
     After Graduating high school, I joined the US Navy, which was the start of my electronics career.  From this,  I have worked as a technician in electronics manufacturing and consumer electronics.  Then, in 1999 I learned HTML and started developing websites.
     Then in 2007, I began using "The Wordpress Platform" to build  websites and I haven't looked back since.

     So, after using Wordpress for several years myself I wanted to teach others how to install and maximize this wonderful platform.  This led me to develop a website specifically for the purpose of teaching people how to launch and maximize their own self-hosted wordpress blog/website. In fact, in 2012 was launched for this purpose.

My goal is to personally help 1000 people launch their Webministry or Micro-Business website.
Goto for more info

     Since June 2011 I have been the Assistant Pastor of New Dimensions Ministries, where, I have been the Director of Media and Technology since 2004.
     I believe God has given each of us a gift or talent that is unique to us.  However, it is our job to master the skills needed to take that God given talent to the highest level possible.

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My Communities:
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"Just Give Me Something To Work With And I'll Make It Work"
Assistant Pastor Of NDM- Wordpress/Technology Coach for Pastors, Leaders and Entrepreneurs
Wordpress Coaching-Church Media-Technology Training-Writing-Google+ Coach
    Creator, 2011 - present
    Wordpress and Technology Training to help you to Start Taking Advantage of Building Your Online Platform to Grow, Enhance and Educate Your Audience. Learn how to use and manage Wordpress, Google+ and other tools to enhance and grow your platform. Don't continue to use another platform until you have started to build yours. Go sign-up Now! at
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