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We had a great service where my pastor went through The Lords Supper.  We had some Lamb, unleavened bread, grapes and grape juice.

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Jon D Hawkins

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Thanks for the +1's and reshares +Mika Terry , +StaZIi YMk , +John Paul Aguiar , +Lioudmila Scarpelli , Nathan Powell 
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Jon D Hawkins

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Here is an affordable and easily obtainable equipment list for those doing any Mobile HOA's from +Ronnie Bincer .  

It is let's get out and get Mobile.
Mobile HOA equipment list March 2014
This year we got a bit more interactive with our Mobile Hangouts on Air (HOA) activity at SXSW. Last year the equipment list had a little less in the way of Audio and Audio Boosting, but we needed to hear the people in the filmstrip of the HOAs this time around.

Special thanks to +Jeff Sieh for his companionship and the great job he did as the 'cameraman' for the various broadcasts and interviews we did. This was certainly a Team Effort, so Big Kudos go out to the team of HOA hosts that were on standby - all Hangout Mastery members - to start up the HOA, as we still are not allowed to initiate HOA broadcasts from a mobile device. Maybe someday that will change, but I'm not holding my breath.

If you have not seen the videos we made, check out this video playlist which includes 32 videos plus an awesome trailer video by the talented cameraman Jeff Sieh.

We will have a Public HOA discussing how this equipment was used and the processes established to make it such a dynamic success. Here is the link to the Public Wrap-Up HOA Event .

There will be a Private HOA for Hangout Mastery members only one day after the Public HOA which will go much further into the nitty gritty details… you can become a member & watch that HOA live or recorded via

Equipment used:
1. Splitter: XLR Jack to Mobile Phone
2. USB/XLR Microphone: Audio-Technica ATR2100
3. Boostaroo 3 stereo jacks Audio Booster
6. Portable Speaker1: iFrogz Boost 
7. Portable Speaker2: Hype Bomb Speaker (or Walmart)
9. Monopod: iStabilizer Monopod
10. Phone Mount: iTrek Super Mount F
11. Portable USB Charger: Zagg SPARQ
Velcro 8" Strips (not shown) holds things together

To see a higher resolution version of this picture without the text callouts click here:
=== ===
#MobileHOA #HOAtips #SXSWmobileHOA
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Awesome, I have been having the most trouble with hangouts.
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Jon D Hawkins

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Have you ever wondered how you get persuaded to do something or are influenced by someone. We are persuaders and influencers.

See the list below for more insight.
The 40 Most Powerful Persuasion Tactics
Another lesson from the Psychological Warfare Bunker

As a result of so many people asking for a written recap covering the topics from our most recent episode of Psychological Warfare, I've decided to take action.

I've just written up a new post over at the Site Sketch 101 blog covering the 40 most powerful persuasion tactics. I'll list the tactics below, but click through to the article to read descriptions for each one. The article is an incredibly exhaustive look at persuasion tactics that can be used to get people to think, feel, and take action right now.

Lines of Appeal
1. Authority Appeals
2. Reverence Appeals
3. Tradition Appeals
4. Loyalty Appeals
5. Inevitability Appeals
6. In Group-Out Group Appeals
7. Bandwagon Appeals
8. Nostalgia Appeals
9. Self-interest Appeals

Persuasion Techniques
10. Glittering Generalities
11. Transference
12. Least of Evils
13. Name-calling
14. Plain folks or common man
15. Testimonials
16. Insinuation
17. Presenting the other side
18. Simplification
19. Compare and Contrast
20. Compare for similarities
21. Illustrations & Narratives
22. Specific Instances
23. Statistics
24. Explanations

Primary Influence Tactics
25. Rewards and Punishments
26. Expertise
27. Gifts
28. Debt
29. Aversive Stimulation
30. Moral Appeal
31. Positive and Negative Self-feeling
32. Positive and Negative Altercasting
33. Positive and Negative Esteem of Others
34. Fear

Weapons of Influence
35. Principle of Scarcity
36. Principle of Authority
37. Principle of Social Proof
38. Principle of Liking
39. Principle of Reciprocity
40. Principle of Consistency

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Jon D Hawkins

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Here is a creative wash station you can build for your next outdoor event.

As you can see..I am slowly promoting the anticipation of Spring and Summer...this winter has to go.
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Thanks for the invite to the community +Michael L. F. Slavin .  I found your post, "Penniless Prisoner To A Millionaire", in the Christians in Business Community very inspiring.  

I am a supporter of micro-businesses to small businesses and I found that some of them are unaware of the asset(s) that are within their own businesses such as their business processes, a training course, or digital product, to name a few.  These are, plumbers, hair stylists, landscaper, caterers etc. who have created their job and are working in the business more that on the business. 

What steps did you take to go from working primarily in your business to working more on your business?

Thanks again.
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This article by +Sebastian Anthony gives us a good understanding of what Google is doing to become more than just a search company.

What products/services do you see Google producing in the next five years or so?

#googlexlab   #googlebots  
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Jon D Hawkins

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+Neil Patel  gives his Best Eyeball Grabbing Strategy in this episode of the Traffic Jam podcast with +James Reynolds .    
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+Jon D Hawkins Thank you for the sharing my chat with +Neil Patel. Content marketing is an effective and sustainable strategy that everyone business should be engaging in.
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Jon D Hawkins

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Ok.. who has owned any of these devices and which one was it??

I had a boombox and shelf system radio
How Far We Have Come In 20 Years

..... Oh tech of the 80s/90/00s.....  All the amazing things we have created in the last few years... It's really mind blowing.. :)

... If you traveled back in time to this photograph and told someone that everyone in 2014 has all this technology and ALSO all the knowledge of the world in their pocket.. but most people used it to post pictures of cats and watch videos of people falling down and hurting themselves.... What would they say? :)

Go create something today.. :)

#technology   #meme   #80s  
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Jon D Hawkins

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Is it safe to say that Direct Marketing will never die?  

+Chris Ducker , explains "why building your brand is paramount to success" in his podcast.  

Do You remember the Encyclopedia Salesman they had  the best sales training around at that time.  They were selling $800 sets to single parents in the hood baby!  Just ask my mom.

Click the link to listen.
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Assistant Pastor Of NDM- Wordpress/Technology Coach for Pastors, Leaders and Entrepreneurs
Wordpress Coaching-Church Media-Technology Training-Writing-Google+ Coach
    Creator, 2011 - present
    Wordpress and Technology Training to help you to Start Taking Advantage of Building Your Online Platform to Grow, Enhance and Educate Your Audience. Learn how to use and manage Wordpress, Google+ and other tools to enhance and grow your platform. Don't continue to use another platform until you have started to build yours. Go sign-up Now! at
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Baltimore, Maryland
Contributor to
I Coach Pastors and Leaders and Business Owners How to Use Wordpress As A Marketing and Management Tool
    I was born and raised in Baltimore,MD and became a technology enthusiast in my early teens by tinkering with different electronic devices along with experiencing the joys of exploring cyberspace with my first computer, which was a Commodore64.
     After Graduating high school, I joined the US Navy, which was the start of my electronics career.  From this,  I have worked as a technician in electronics manufacturing and consumer electronics.  Then, in 1999 I learned HTML and started developing websites.
     Then in 2007, I began using "The Wordpress Platform" to build  websites and I haven't looked back since.

     So, after using Wordpress for several years myself I wanted to teach others how to install and maximize this wonderful platform.  This led me to develop a website specifically for the purpose of teaching people how to launch and maximize their own self-hosted wordpress blog/website. In fact, in 2012 was launched for this purpose.

My goal is to personally help 1000 Pastors and Leaders launch their Wordpress Website.
Goto for more info

     Since June 2011 I have been the Assistant Pastor of New Dimensions Ministries, where, I have been the Director of Media and Technology since 2004.
     I believe God has given each of us a gift or talent that is unique to us.  However, it is our job to master the skills needed to take that God given talent to the highest level possible.

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